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Bad CO

We've had an email from a chap called Robert Carr who is the author of the two volumes of The Bright Side: Tell It To the Marines.

Hi fellas, If you find yourself in some of those hurry-up-and-wait scenarios, why not get both Volumes of The Bright Side-Tell-It-To-The-Marines and have a good chuckle
about real down to Earth life in the Marines during the 60's. The characters are in your face, including the mascot dogs 'Oscar' & 'Bismarck', the cuckoo Adjt's arsebiting Alsatian, the Bickleigh Witch, the local farmer's daughter, Doreen, the steam roller incident, the Rusty B and her golden rivet tales, all beautifully wold in a manner guarranteed to upset fat stripeys and their Lordship at the Admiralty, etc. Ordered online gives you 20%discount, and it is a bargain anyway.

Witten by a guy who was there at the time. Enjoy!


I asked him to come on here and introduce himself but got the following response:

Hi there, "Bad CO", which I am sure you are not! Thanks for your much appreciated suggestion, which would be the useful course for me to take, BUT by way of explanation I need to confess to you, and not without some embarrassment that I am not up to the standard and familiarity with you younger lads of today regarding computers.
I wrote the entire MSS first on the old fashioned tripewriters many years ago, as it was all happening in fact, then, as time went by I figured that events would eclipse what I was writing about, also as the Falklands war resulted in amazing skills from our lads, the number of caualties and severely wounded took my focus off the humour side, as I didn't think it would be right for me to
write humourous accounts when all those lads were going through such awful times as well as their families. So I put the book away for a few years and got on with things.
Well mate, the years rolled by and I neared my retirement and was beginning to feel the effects of my own ailments brought on in some measure by my own
military 'advetures' and thought I ought to crack on and try to get the book out for all the lads to enjoy. To do this I had to get over some obstacles before I could do it justice and invested all my savings in the venture because the big boys in the publishing world were too snot nosed to give it a chanc, whilst at the same time churning out books by vacant young celebrities who'd been nowhere, seen nothing and done nothing in their lives to write about compared with our surviving and serving personnel. Having grabbed my investment, the publishers seemed to lose interest and energy and would not get off their arses to promote or market the book and the lads who placed orders waited and waited for their copies to arrive.
I lit a fuse under the arses of the publishers and put the alternatives to them. The result was a feeble undertaking that a well respected show biz lady would read the two volumes and give us a helpful review, but could not undertake this for a few months due to work commitments. (I guess you know what I mean by now!)
I am not computer trained and word processed the two volumes of my book over a l-o-n-g and painful effert, but have still not found my way around all the many functions of this wonderful tool. I have recently moved into old folks accommodation and apologise to everybody that I am unable to put more effort into this venture, having got so far and now find myself a fully fledged wrinkly with all the restrictions of age ambushing me at each turn. So after all this explanation, (are you still there, buddy?), I do not have the knowledge to pass the word around, and would be most grateful and appreciative if you lads could pass the title around, and maybe one day I shall be able to make a respectable donation towards our wounded heroes care charity and the johnny Gurkha fund.
The book itself is not the sort of thing which the Lordships in highplaces will wish to be associated with, and already it has been dissed by the predictable flock of fat and desk bound stripeys who are still wearing their mouldy green berets and basking in the glories of the lads on the ground doing the dirty work and still being treated traditionally like they've always been.
In closing I will make the claim that whilst I am not a literary genius, the book is pretty well written and after you read it you will never be the same again!

Thanks CO, whoever you are and good luck , mate.

Well Bob seems like an absolute star to me so its a real pity that it doesn't look as though he'll join the crowd on here although I'm going to create a user for him and send him some instructions!

I'm also going to put this post on ARRSE and ask for a copy of his books for us to review in the new Book Reviews section.

I'll keep you posted!
labrum said:
What Jimbo said, I knew a fat stripey once...

Yep! I met a fat fecking C/Sgt sat on his fat ass all day 24/7.

Bob has gone through the mill trying to sell this book so myself I reckon he deserves this to be a best seller. Liked the comment about the young vacant celebrities done nothing etc yet the powers that be think we need to read about their useless life.

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