The Bright Side: Tell It To the Marines

Discussion in 'History' started by Bad CO, Sep 19, 2010.

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  1. We've had an email from a chap called Robert Carr who is the author of the two volumes of The Bright Side: Tell It To the Marines.


    I asked him to come on here and introduce himself but got the following response:

    Well Bob seems like an absolute star to me so its a real pity that it doesn't look as though he'll join the crowd on here although I'm going to create a user for him and send him some instructions!

    I'm also going to put this post on ARRSE and ask for a copy of his books for us to review in the new Book Reviews section.

    I'll keep you posted!
  2. What Jimbo said, I knew a fat stripey once...
  3. Yep! I met a fat fecking C/Sgt sat on his fat ass all day 24/7.

    Bob has gone through the mill trying to sell this book so myself I reckon he deserves this to be a best seller. Liked the comment about the young vacant celebrities done nothing etc yet the powers that be think we need to read about their useless life.

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