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The Bright Side (Tell it to the Marines) by Bill Carr


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A Review by Seaweed.

This book has been reviewed by Seaweed for Arrse and as it is about the Royal Marines, I felt that it would have an audience here. This is a sample of the review, read the full review here.

“If ever the hour of real danger should come to England [the Royal Marines] will be found the Country's Sheet Anchor†- John Jervis, Lord St Vincent, 1802

However outside the hour of real danger Royal has ways of enjoying himself, sometimes at the expense of those without the wit to stand from under. Robert Carr depicts this absolutely hilariously in a pair of novels that set a cracking pace for incident, humour, and a depiction of the Royal Corps at play. An experienced Bootie himself, he has distilled his own experiences by sea and land into what he claims to be fiction. The only thing that makes it difficult to read are the tears of laughter obscuring one’s view of the print. If anything the Royals have found their John Winton. I say this because although separate incidents are crammed together and overwritten into farce, those who have served know that farce is never far below the thin ice of Service formality; indeed I sometimes thought that Winton pulled his punches, perhaps thinking nobody would believe him if he related what really happened. If there is to be a third volume Carr can use Rusty B’s eventual return to Portsmouth, with a Marine having to have a sergeant point out to him which of the waving women is the Marine’s wife, and an RM officer (who rose to high rank for he was possessed of much initiative) who had waiting for him not only his UK sweetheart but a girl he had met in Aden (where such are extraordinary scarce), with the result that the former shut herself up, weeping, in a dockyard phone box and refused to come out. He had secured a similar result in Malta by inviting, so there should be spares for his friends, six women to a party with each thinking she was the one and only; one shut herself in the ladies’ heads for full due, leaving all the other females somewhat cross-legged.
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