The Breton Arms

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by lsadirty, Mar 28, 2008.

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  1. Remember the Breton Arms in Guzz, next to the bus station ? They've decided to rename it The Hawkins Meeting House, after Sir John Hawkins, who was a 16th Century shipbuilder, merchant, pirate and slave trader. He also commanded part of the English Fleet that fought the Armada.
    Unfortunately, just across the road is the Racial Equality Council, who are rather hot under the collar.
    "It's very unforunate the pub has chosen to celebrate someone who had a historyof being involved in the slave trade. It will cause offenceto anyone who understands the horror of slavery", said their spokeperson Sue Stratton.
    Can you believe this ? Sorry, history is history - you just can't airbrush it out because you don't like it. But I forgot - this is Britain 2008 under New Liebour...... :pukel: :pukel: :pukel:
  2. Not that I am PC but what is wrong with the Breton Arms. It has always been the Breton Arms FFS.

  3. my local was called the white swan - the new landlord has just had it renamed


    opposite to it the local hostelry for battered wives
  4. New owners, new image.
  5. We should whip ourselves every day for the foreseeable future to make reparations for what our ancestors did! We should never be allowed to forget it and should be belittled at every opportunity by people who think that it's best to hang onto the past and not look to the future.

    These same people banging on about race relations wouldn't be on the lookout for more government funding by any chance and hoping for column inches in The Stun or Daily Wail et al!
  6. Wasn't a very popular pub as far as I remember, just an occasional stop-off on the way to the Barbican. The Dolphin - now there was a pub!
  7. Re: The Breton Arms (More Guzz Pubs)

    Can't recall this ale house, the ones a can are as follows
    Avondale - outside the main gate
    The Bank - classy place somewhere by the theatre (pigs hangout)
    Two Trees - on the strip
    Prince Regent- on the strip (bootie hangout)
    The Tube - on the strip more of a night club
    Boobs - of course

    hell my mind has gone blank, anyone think of somemore.

  8. So you'd rather they were silenced and prevented from expressing an opinion?
  9. No, but I object to some unelected bunch of PC idiots try and ram their opinions down my throat, I tend to get a little cheesed off. Whatever the rights and wrongs of the past, it happened - so they should get a life and accept it.
  10. I do think that most of these racial equality types probably add as much to inequality as anything else; they could usefully do with moving on but they have to justify their existence somehow ;)
  11. Re: The Breton Arms (More Guzz Pubs)

    The Sydenham Arms I remember in my distant past on Union street and Jim was the landlord and took no crap. Decent boozer
  12. The Office (near the naval hospital) and the Brown Bear run by two brown hatters.
  13. Brown Bear just down from the Ark Royal?
  14. The Sydenham Arms...ah yes, at one time in the late seventies the only pub down the strip where the crew of Swiftsure were welcome. Hard running and hard drinking. I don't think we ever did any damage...we just took the piss and made a nuisance of ourselves. The Brown bear...definitely a Snotters pub! What was the one up in the backstreets where Spartan did their zulu warrior?
  15. Burnt down last year by the landlord in an failed insurance scam !
    Star of the West - scrumpy house supreme (now gone).
    United Services - scrumpy house in UnionStrasse.
    Caseys and the Revenue in Malborough St near the Fleet Club.
    Keppels Head by Albert Gate.
    Stomemasons Arms in Albert Road.
    Alas, far too many of the drinking dens of mu youth are now gone - Sad.
  16. They re-brand a pub in the name of a long dead Admiral
    and sometime slave-trader....meanwhile in Germany, how
    about a romantic candlelit dinner in this swanky restaurant?


    "Waiter!!! I think somethings burning in the oven!!"
  17. Yeah, Jim liked submariners probably because we had enough money to pay for any damage! It was a quiet pub to warm up in and I must say was never the same when Jim finally gave it up. The jukebox was a real throw back with music from at least 20 years previous! Bugger I wish I could turn back time and sample a pint in a real clean glass and not pay a bloody fortune for it. The Antelope was the next pub in the street I seem to remember which was a great place to wind up the skimmers sharing a glass with 3 straws. Thats probably why the NPM parked outside. Happy days
  18. With all the names of pubs being brought to mind makes me think 'ah yes...I remember that one' also the thought of 'and this time around I would appreciate them more'. But I know, as we all do that if the chance came again to sample them the result would be the same....harry shit faced and staggering!!!!
  19. I used to go to the Ring of bells in Antony, Raleigh turn left, great contry pub good landlord as well
  20. Go to Guzz on a wet and cold winters evening and you soon realise quite a lot of what was there in your youth has now gone; thoughts like 'was it always such a dump or was I too young to realise' come to mind.
    A bright sunny day and a walk on the Hoe changes the perspective somewhat.
    It'd be just about the same anywhere you choose to go.

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