The brass neck of it all.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Apr 24, 2010.

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  1. I see Dick Branson has been on the news carping about the closure of our air space and the subsequent loss of earnings for his airline company. He stated that he should be compensated either by Europe or by our government, as if they have any money of their own! As far as I am concerned I would much rather trust the word of a scientist as opposed to some greedy businessman when it came to the decision to ban all flights because of the volcanic dust cloud. I see it as another example of profit before people by big business and if any of my taxes find their way into his pocket I will be seething with rage. Virgin Atlantic is a private company and if business is bad for whatever reason then its tough titty.
  2. You won't get an argument from me on that one...
  3. branson is a pillock end of !!!!!! :D
  4. It fair pains me to say it, but you have it on this one, Finky.

    The Government were damned if they did, and damned if they didn't.
    The airlines are out of pocket, but at least no-one is dead.
  5. Gotta agree with Fink on this
  6. I see other airline bosses have chipped in their 10p worth regarding compensation, I would suggest that they submit any compensation claims to God.
  7. I heard that BA were offering cancelled seats from the UK to the US for 15,000 quid! Yeah as per usual the Airlines are suffering, let the greedy twunts go to the wall!
  8. Totally agree with you all.
    It's only profit they're losing. Which for companies whose profits stretch to the millions and perhaps billions each year is a lose they can accomodate.
  9. I,ve just been hearing that the ash cloud stunt was just that, an overplayed safety stunt by the great British Met Office, who it seems got it wrong again.
  10. Are those the words of Dick Branson or that wee Irish gadgy?

    So why did the RAF ground all training flights in the Typhoon, because they found volcanic ash in the engines albeit small amounts, better safe than sorry eh?

    It was clever how they conjured up that footage of the volcano spewing out huge black/grey clouds of ash it's amazing what you can do with these days with video enhancement.
  11. That the tit from Ryan Air or the Tit from Bloody Awful...i mean British Airways
  12. It is arguable that the ash concentrations we had in our airspace and that surrounding would not send aircraft plunging from the sky. It may have caused expensive damage to engine cores but that's the owners' problem. The same owners who are now complaining. Perhaps the operation of aircraft where there was no immediate hazard to life should have been a commercial decision.

    That, of course, raises a secondary hazard. If the aircraft had been allowed to fly in controlled airspace at own risk, would any engine damage sustained have led to a later failure before the next scheduled inspection? That is the bit that stops me from sympathising with the Operators. There is a lot of detail that we don't know. Perhaps Dicky the Beard should explain what his intended, costed, safety plan was.
  13. Fink, and others, if this ash cloud was so big and so dangerous how come very little of it has settled on the country? I have not heard of any analysis done on any "supposed" deposits. The aircraft that were "damaged" deliberately flew directly into into the ash cloud to see what the effect would be and what damage would they would suffer. The reaction by NATS was so over the top it was unbelievable. What scientific eveidence did they use to come to their ludicrous decision, did they even think what the consequences would be? The "there will be no high winds tonight" Met office also got into the act. Once again they had little or no data to go on but of course they have never been known to be wrong with their forecasting. BBQ summer anyone! No one has answered the question about re-routing flights around the dispersion cloud. If all this ash was over Scotland why close airports in the South? If it was all in the higher atmoshere why not fly at a lower altitude? I don't remember aircraft being grounded, when residue of a Saharan sand storm hit the South coast a few years back.
  14. Most transatlantic flights fly north as it's the shortest route (great circles... ) and air is 'thicker' at lower altitude therefore more fuel burnt...

    Better billions lost than one airliner stoves in...

    Edited to add link.
  15. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    ...yeah, but those 'black helicopters' managed to fly above your house, didn't they Fink..?!

    :glasses4: :glasses5:

  16. I am with Professor Stephen Hawking on that one. :)
  17. I have seen reports over the weekend that suggest that the ash concentration was around 1/10th of the safe limit for much if not all of the time and the one research plane owned by our ever bountiful government which could have verified this was unavailable. If this is the case then perhaps the airlines have a very good claim especially as they are having to pick up much of the travellers costs over this.

    Looks verymuch like yet another headless chicken act from our government, how any one can contemplate electing them for another 5 years really is beyond me, even Cleg would be better I suspect.

    As for Branson and O'Leary they are both self made men, both incorrible self publicists, and both run companies that the punters want to pay money to. Perhaps not every socialists dream but they generate jobs for a lot of people.
  18. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Even so. Many, if not all of the airline executives concerned complied with government directive and grounded their aircraft, without question. The problem was, no guidance was then given about air concentration, particulate size, weather patterns, etc. All we got were these vague maps with scary black swarms gusting about Northern Europe. No scientific data to back it up which, as a CEO of a money making airline empire, you'd expect to see to justify shutting down your business. On another forum, I was FACTSMACKED by some gadger with a (trumpets) degree in aeronautical engineering when I tried to suggest the cloud wasn't as impenetrable and damaging as had been suggested. Of course, this tool knew more about the innards of Gas Turbines than I - despite the fact he is employed in a different field to his degree and despite the fact that I have worked with jet engines for the best part of thirty years now. Apparently, the dust clogs up 'ducts' - which ones he wasn't forthcoming - and can cause the engine to suddenly stop. Yeah, it does. If you fly through the volcano plume like BA Flight 9 did in 1982 and ingest a fair amount of debris directly from the volcano below. But 1200 miles away? Most, if not all of the fair sized particles would have falled to earth by then and the concentrations over Britain were no worse than flying over Central London during a rush hour in the summer. It was typical over-reaction, stoked by the press and reinforced by safety-obsessed tossers who revel in causingwaves where ripples need to exist. A few years ago, Pompey dockyard forced every single worked to wear those funky, clear, wrap round goggles, regardless of inconvenience and discomfort, because some dopper caught a particle in his eye outside in the fresh air as he was leaving the ship. He went on to win a small claim against (then) FSL and there was this almighty bowel cramping, where everyone had to wear these damn things, despite their ability to visually disorientate hand-to-eye co-ordination (pretty essential stuff in shipbuilding) and they sent round the twerps in green surcoats to make you wear them.

    Helf'n'Safety, mate. The idiot's empowerment device.

  19. Apart from the fact that the fuel consumption would have increased by a large amount, the lower airspace would have become extremely overcrowded. Not really an option.
    As for the bleating by the airlines about financial losses, I believe that sympathy can be found in the dictionary somewhere between -----.
  20. Legally the airlines had no option when NATS declared UK airspace closed. When it became clear there was little real evidence of danger several airlines carried out test flights all with negative damage reports W Walsh, labours key hate figure was confident enough to fly in one of the BA test flights himself. The rest of Europe started cutting back the restrictions some 48 hours before the UK did as nWillie Walsh aimed 25 long haul jets at the UK forcing the CAA to start thinking seriously about the ban.

    Now some will say that of course the nasty capitalist airline bosses would fly their planes whatever the risk, but I would suggest not, after all if a plane did crash when they had flouted the safety regulations it would almost certainly result in the collapse of the airline.

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