"The Bomb Hunters" Sean Rayment

I expect this has been covered before but I recently downloaded it to my Kindle and although I knew the Troops were being killed by the IED's and I knew I could never have the nerve to be an ATO operator to diffuse them,I never knew how utterly devious the Talliban were at laying them.
They are so clever at doing it and more importantly learning all the time,it makes me fear even more for our Troops as they will get more sophisticated.
Once a Mastiff or Viking was blown up,they couldn't leave it so they mounted a guard until next day,the Tallies planted two massive mines there even when under guard!
They noticed the recovery vehicle left deep tracks so they just placed the mines in the tracks and that was it!
They are manufacturing them by the hundreds.
I can't wait for our lot to be pulled out and I recommend this book or download for the technical explanations of mine laying and clearance and more importantly the sheer bravery of our Bomb Hunters and their sacrifice.
I am in awe of them.
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