"The Boatswain's Call,

Hi there,

Someone has come to our picture framers here in New Zealand to frame a print of "The Boatswain's Call, how it is used, and some facts about it".
Unfortunately upon glazing it our glazer noticed a smudge, tried to wipe it off and resulted in damaging the original print.

I decided to google the title and it brought me to the thread on this website https://www.navy-net.co.uk/community/threads/call-the-hands.57264/ where someone had posted a small image of part of the page and provided the information: 'The Boatswain's Call, how it is used, and some facts about it' in Vol I of the 1937 edition of the Admiralty Seamanship Manual as reprinted in 1942 (Price 7/6):

I am just wondering if anyone on here could either: provide me with information on exactly what the missing text says in the damaged part so I can digitally restore it or provide me with a large, high quality scan or website I can order a new print of this from.

Thanks so much,


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