The Boats That Built Britain

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Stirling, May 15, 2010.

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  1. haven't seen it yet but there are only two types of ships that built this nation,frigates and destroyers, and maybe the corvette as they were the workhorses of the Atlantic U-boat war.
    Battleships looked good but were easy to hit and destroy it seems,carriers were lost to U-boats because of defective screening.,so I'll go for the above.
  2. I thought the one about HMS Pickle was very good and threw more light on what I already knew.

    It also triggered many happy memories of "Pickle Night" :eek:ccasion1:
  3. That's a bit of a parochial view. What about the spice traders of the East India Company, or tea clippers, or slave ships? There's no point keeping the sea lanes open if there are no merchant ships importing goods to our island nation.
  4. Have to agree with JC. It's the merchant fleet that built the nation, slightly biased as one of my Grandads was MN in WW2 and had 2 ships blown out the water by U-boats. Luckily he survived. If you read your history (as I'm sure you do), as JC says our initial wealth and dominance was financed by the slave trade (Frobisher, Hawkins and Drake to name a few).
  5. definately good for pickle night presentation - when with the army, we had a really good set up - master and commander style... with a screen for the film...
  6. I agree,because I hadn't seen the series I naturally assumed[wrongly] that it would be about the RN.
    Merchant ships were the backbone and lifeblood of the country but of absolutely no use if they were preyed upon.
    The two arms of the Sea service were and are complimentary.

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