'The BNP are now a bigger threat than ever'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Apr 10, 2009.

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  1. We are not quite like north Korea yet, a one man band.
    We all are able to vote for the party of our choice, perhaps the BNP candidates if elected may be able to sort out the MEPs gravy train, or join it.
    However, I feel that extreme right wing policies are as bad as extreme left wing policies, although it does seem that the right wingers get all of the bad publicity.
  2. Slim, it is just Harriet the Haridan trying the old vote labour or let the BNP win strategy. The biggest threat to democracy is Labour staying in power, every day brings closer the time when they can cancel the next election on the grouns of national security, the BNP spectre is the first element of this.

    The reality is the biggest threat to labour is their own incompetance, and the lack of any one within the party who can show any sign however small of honesty and decency. We have a PM who has been claiming some £20 grand a year for 12 years for a second home he has no need for and whos answer to this when asked was simply to say he had ordered yet another bl**dy revue. (yes he did reply and it contained less content than his normal answers at PMQ)
  3. Who I vote for is obviously my business but I will share with you that it is not the BNP. In fact I would vote for Screaming Lord Such before I would vote for the BNP. That said it would be nice to think that the Labour would invest as must time in working on winning over the public with sound policies and beneficial decisions rather than scare-mongering us into voting for them just to prevent the BNP getting in.

  4. Unfortunately Maxi and SF I think that you will find many voters are now so p1ssed off with all the mainstream parties that they will vote BNP.

    I forecast that the BNP will do better in these European elections than they have ever done in the past.

    Who can we blame?
    The two main parties, especially the members who have their snouts deepest in the trough.
  5. Or UKIP even.

  6. I don't doubt it slim. It reminds me of that movie ... Brewsters Millions ... where the main character runs an electoral campaign to encourage voters to vote for none of the above because the candidates are all as bad as each other. Our three main parties seriously need to sort their preverbial $hit out and restore public confidence in who they are and what they're about.

  7. I see that New Lie Bore also want to allow certain prisoners the chance to vote. They must be geting very desperate for votes nowadays.
  8. The BNP a threat... It's called democracy.... you don't have to like, or agree with any party, but they have a right to express a view.
    In a democracy, any one can join in.
    In business, competition is generally welcomed, particularly by the consumer as it offers choice.
    In business, if your product is good and priced right you have nothing to fear.
    Why does Hapless Hattie feel 'threatened' ? doe's she feel her 'product' doesn't quite cut the mustard ?
  9. Just a general wondering (I've yet to actually vote and from my view point every political party seems to be just a different cheek of the same arse)...

    What would ACTUALLY happen if BNP got into power?

    From a few youtube clips and when the spreadsheet of every member got leaked it looked like most of their supporters were neo nazi skinheads. (A lot of their email address's had the number "88" on....H being the 8th letter of the alphabet code for heil hitler).

    Just wondering whether it would be similar to a Hitler uprising.
  10. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    My understanding is that NuLiabore hav ebeen TOLD to give prisoners the vote by our European masters. Now you know who's really governing the country if we can't even make our own rules on an issue such as this. Remember this for the Euro elections, coming soon to a polling booth near you.
  11. Not quite,the ECHR was agreed by the main European nations long before the EC and is completely separate. The UK was one of the main authors and one of the first signatories. For many years though rather than as most countries did we did not incorporate it into our own law, and as a result the UK had many judgements against it in the HR court in Europe. NuLabor in their wisdom (perhaps to keep Cheries pension fund topped up) to incorporate the ECHR into UK law. One of the key aspects of this was it became easier for cases to be brought because UK legal aid could be used. All would have been OK and it may even have been seen as a good thing but as we have come to expect NuLabor cocked it up resulting in many loopholes like this.

    Votes for prisoners is nothing to do with Europe biut everything to do with our incompetant government, who of course are happy to blame any one but themselves.
  12. The BNP are nothing more than nasty racist fascists, the same fascists that many of the older forum members Fathers would have fought against in 39-45.
  13. I'll vote for the party that will take us out of Europe, UKIP.
    Liebor and Tory are all in the trough, just different ends.
  14. I think you'll find the ones our parents fought against are mostly dead now. Yes they are nasty people, though in many ways no more nasty that some of the far left who have similar objectives, just slightly different methods.

    For example being against the far right of politics does not naturaly mean one has to support organisations such as the ANL, who are every bit as unpleasant.
  15. I take your point however I don't think our far left are up for the genocide of a complete race.
  16. Re: 'The NP are now a bigger threat than ever'

    The same ones who support Joe Stalin and Mao who killed over 50,000,000 of their own citizens between them making Adolph look like a rank amateur.

    A CURSE on both their houses and while they are being sorted the same person can remove that lot from both Israel and Gazza/West Bank.

  17. Re: 'The NP are now a bigger threat than ever'

    Odd as I thought both those buggers had gone to meet their maker.

    Don't forget those from the left who fought in the Spanish civil war against that fascist twat Franco.
  18. Re: 'The NP are now a bigger threat than ever'

    Fink as is Karl Marks, 88 himself, Lennin, Trotsky, Ho Chi Mien, Peron are all dead but many toss pots from the edges of Politics still promote and believe in their politics and actions.

    Franco's men and the left, either local or International, in Spain both committed atrocities.

    :roll: Anyone who is not Liberal should be put against the wall and shot. That would sory it out. :roll:

  19. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    That'll leave you and Jeremy Thorpe, you'll be very happy together :oops:

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