The Blob and Global Warming

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Canaldrifter, Jan 14, 2007.

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  1. Watched 'The Blob' again this evening.

    Steve McQueen as a young lad.

    According to the end of the film, with global warming coming, we could all be in a whole loada trouble.... know what I mean.... ?
  2. Just think CD if you had'nt moved back onto dry land global warming would'nt be a problem for - now where can i get a barge????!!!!
  3. Surely you'll need to get a bespoke air conditioned barge with solar panels and windmills. Install some hammock hooks and you could offer the drowning a mick for a million! :wink: :lol:
  4. As a ex-boat dweller on a river rather than canal may I inform you that the problem is not the water level rising, as 98% of th residents of this forum know the boat will rise with it.

    No the problem occurs when the water level falls leaving, if you do not give it 24 hour attention, stranded on/off the river bank, on jetty or piles etc. On my mooring we had a max of 14 boats but only 6 were residential but all had to be lookeded after as the floods receded.






  5. Which of course reiterates the importance of maintaining good basic seamanship skills and a round the clock watch.
  6. Nice phots there Nutty ;)
    And as for you, AAC, i'm sure that your seamanship skills have never been questioned mate(ahem)! :)
  7. [​IMG]

    I'd just love to see that bloke take one pace to the rear!

  8. As a Communicator my only seamanship experience was with the MVS and winter yachting! I was tasked once with checking and adjusting the springs on our vessel (TS Earl of Romney) moored off Margate one December night. But yes, that's my sole experience. :oops: :roll:
  9. Perhaps my spelling was wrong ;)
  10. The point I was making, rather unsucessfully it now appears, was that Nutty's concerns about apparently declining Seamanship skills might be an issue... Regarding my own seamanship skills... well those leave MUCH to be desired... bends and hitches not being one of my strong points!!! :oops: :oops: :oops: (I can do granny knots though :lol: )
  11. But i'm a thick PO Stoker!!
    I'm an ex Sea Cadet, as are quite a few matelots and although I joined the RN as a Marine Engineer I have a couple of Seamanlike qualifications (O levels in Navigation and Seamanship to be precise ;) ) and I can tell you that I am on one of the RN's biggest ships. We have THREE seamanship Specs onboard, one CPO and 2 killicks.

    When I have to bring on shore cables, we use a whole-ship working party because of the height that the cables have to come, and NOT ONE so-called "dabber" has EVER been able to tie a bloody knot around the cable being brought on in the time that I have been onboard. I have to do it myself, or get one of the stokers that I have previously shown, to do it.

    OM's (as they are) are not dabbers by any means. They are totally useless IMO. Even the Senior Rate OM's haven't a clue.
  12. Methinks he is a sheep shagger :shock: looking for fun
  13. I can relate to this, as a Chief Caterer I was Officer of the Day on a 42 tied up in Pompey, middle of the night I get shooked by the QM with a worrying tale of singing springs and tightening head & stern ropes as the ship is going down on a v. low tide.

    Bugga says I and stumbles down to the flight deck to see some (in my opinion ) very tight lines.

    Get the Duty PO says I, He was a Seaman, (RP or similar), he surfaces has a look says bugga (or something similar)

    Get the Duty Watch says he, Good man I think he knows what he is doing.

    I enquire how long until the tide turns, nother hour or so says QM, how much farther do you think we'll go down says I, Flight deck was below the dock side earlier on today chief says QM, Bugga says I about another 3 foot or so.

    Duty watch turn up , Duty PO details Leading Seaman to Ease springs

    Bugga that says Duty Dabtoe, ropes and wires are humming their little hearts out.

    The OOD (Chief Caterer) is thinking Pension, Rate, excuse, in that order

    Duty watch get together and with a little help from Duty Po and OOD ( who is thinking why me?) ropes and wires are eased a little.

    QM and BM are instructed in no uncertain terms to keep their eye on things and not wait until ropes are complaining before taking action.

    CPOCA thanks Duty PO and Duty Watch for a good job done and (silently)
    for helping said chief keep his pension.

    :shock: :wink: :roll:
  14. What are you saying! The PO Stoker (though perhaps not Rosie) would be gutted if he heard you say that! It would be like calling MA "Trainspotter" Andy er... a... er... trainspotter :???: Looks like I'll have to report you to the SOS: Save Our Stokers campaign...

    I thought you all did seamanship before being drafted into the Branch of your choice (if suitably qualified)?!? :shock:
  15. Oh sorry, I was forgetting that he's the ONLY one :twisted:
    Actually i've been one for over 11 years ;)
    Yes we do, or rather I did when I joined up (not sure about now) which goes to show either how much they take in or how much "leeway" has to be given to get them OUT of Raleigh at the end of their part 1.
  16. I did, being ex Ganges. I wuz the only AA in the fleet with a coxwain badge. That confused 'em.

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