The Black Cats

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Handler, Jul 2, 2012.

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  1. The naval display pilots gave a very impressive show at the 2 day RAF Waddington air show this last week-end, proving that when it comes to flying the guys are among the best!:pirate:
  2. Yes soleil, good vid, I liked the bit near the end where the comment about that bloody Facebook was. It was a first class show, as always, for me the highlight being the South Korean team, the Black Eagles, they were superb and the equal of many of the well known teams, immaculate in appearance and certainly expert pilots. I have some pics of most the types that were displaying and when sorted , will put them on site.
  3. S. Koreans initially trained in the early 1990's at Westlands when they took six Lynx Mk99's fitted with a way better AS suite than we operated. Nice to hear they still use them. Myself and a 2-&-1/2 taught them ASW tactics spending ages missing out all the NATO tactics etc only to find the god damn Yanks had passed it to them anyway!!!!!

    Genuinely thought they would have dropped the Lynx after the warranty expired!! lol

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