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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by brazenhussy, Aug 5, 2008.

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  1. In response to HTP's 6978 thread come ON!!!!!!!!!!!

    He's right- it has got PC, newbie correct, and bloody boring---------- me n HTP are reknown for our arguments, but at least he has an iota of intelligence, has "been there seen it" so can make constructive remarks& criticism, not "OOH i've been in a dog watch, therefore know EVERYTHING"-- , so for that I respect him.......................................

    OMG- did I just say that??

    So stop posting bone ?'s - thats what the AFCO's for!!!!!!!!!
  2. Mum,
    When I join up and go to seeee, will I be sick?
    Will I be able to wear my scarf if it is cold?
    Who cleans the toilets? Because, matey, I can tell you that it WON'T be me!

  3. And if you're good I'll come and tuck you in at night!! xxxxxxxxxxx
  4. I had to re-read that last post, BH, ---------"And if you're good I'll come and ......."
  5. [​IMG]
  6. What if I'm bad?

    (Sorry, had to ask)

  7. Then a steward will kiss you on the lips, give you a little tug and whisper something in your ear........

    ...wonder what he would say??
  8. Pull my shorts up when you've finished? :thumright:
  9. Getting a trifle concerned about the females on this site, including BH, i know that she is not alone in her spiteful remarks to this mild mannered gently spoken old man, but if you read between the lines then all begins to make sense, so let me spell it out to all of you girls.

    I have been happily married for 46 years, i would not want a Spam fritter when i have steak at home, so Stop trying to get into my pants and stalking me.

    Unless my wife passed away during the night........................................
  10. [​IMG][​IMG]

  11. This is where they all hang out these days:-

  12. Looks like I'll have to be a bad boy then! :lol:
  13. ooooooooooo I know the answer to this one. come closer and I will whisper it to you !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :fart:
  14. I think Lammers is incapable of being bad! :angel4:

    PS: I prefer his current avatar. How about a nice Stoker's bum... :twisted:
  15. One should never come but always arrive!

    A gentleman always takes the weight on his elbows. ^_^;
  16. So the grunting was because I was laying on her - bollocks, all these years I thought I had been doing really well.

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