The Bing Search Engine; An Eternal Source Of Mystery

Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by soleil, Sep 27, 2010.

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  1. The Bing Search Engine baffles me.

    When I use it to search for something, nothing it suggests is anything like what I am hoping for. If I switch to google, then there are loads of links which are spot on, but, if I use Bing, I stare at its suggestions to my search and think "What?".

    There is something uniquely strange about Bing; what is it?

  2. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    One word - "Microsoft"... it follows the "Bill knows best" philosophy that underpins all M$ products that wrongly second-guesses, or even completely ignores, the users' true intent.
  3. Bad? Ah! Bing
  4. Beat to that.
  5. I never use it, but quite often my browser has some how defaulted to it. Each time, I get it to search for Google
  6. Ditto, and it swears blind that sight dont exist that can be found on Google :oops:
  7. Ahh, that will be the world according to Microsoft then.

    Non MS user and v happy thank you very much.
  8. Never tried bing as google does the job fine. I was planning to get a mac as my next laptop but didnt have the cash in the end after I'd lost my old job so I got a cheaper Win7 Laptop. Works great...........Alas its the only time besides Combat Flight Sim 2 that I havent hated an MS product.........for now
  9. Try using freeware on MS PC, design your product, save it then try to reopen it, PC says that you have typed the wrong file desig, as it is PP there is only one such file desig, MS does not like you using other products on their operating system.
  10. MS generally just doesnt like people full stop. Once they have your cash you dont exist. love how windows sometimes decides to no longer be valid :)

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