The biggest O.D. thing you ever did?

Come on be honest,what is the biggest O.D.thing you have ever done ;or did?? If you have three hours to spare I'll relate mine. I was [and still am] the O.D. of O.Ds The title "Big screaming O.D." was formed for me. I have worn a white front with civvies, ear rings, four rings on each hand; gone out up the line in white front bell bottoms and a civvy jacket! managed to keep a Tony Curtis and style all through my service[Still got it as an O.A.P.] I bow waved ny hats the tally bows finished in the middle of my forehead some times built round an old threepenny bit. I bleached my collars and could have tripped over my tapes. I spent a night in cells for being drunk whilst still a junior;-and got a tattoo while still in part one training. I had Chinese dragons sewn under my cuffs. I had[and won] my latest punch up on 22nd December last year in the Manor Farm pub Worcester. At 2359 hours 31 Dec. 1959 I froze and have not progressed one iota in dress or music. Happy to be a soon 70 year old O.D. Teddy boy. Any challengers?

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