The Biggest Conn of the Century.

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by NotmeChief, May 29, 2009.

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  1. Is this the biggest con job of the century - I think so, it was all part of the act, not a single tear despite all the sobbing - precocious brat.

    The internet is full with agreement with me already. I put this on a par with the American Pagents and the pushy mothers.
  2. They have to have (or rather 'be seen to have') a soft touch with all the 12 and unders on the show, the cuter they are the more attention/exceptions. You notice square top was the first of the sycophant trio to stand up with his previously brown thumb up in the air. Image, image, image. The fire juggler guy (who was a right laugh in my opinion) was kicked off right away it seemed, didn't even get to complete his 2 minutes.

    But it's not about the rules as such, more public opinion and ratings. Showbiz and all that Jazz :roll:

    I agree actually, on principle: A contest is a contest. I'm sure that shy shut-in with the awesome voice, the one with all the nerves, would've done a helluva lot better if he had a few cuddles and a thumb up from high-pants.
  3. I would have paid money for the winner to moonwalk past her after he'd won and shouted "yey, in yourrrrrr face!".
  4. All these programmes that let the dim witted public phone in and vote are pants.
    I don't see the point in having a panel of 'experts' voting then buggering it all up by letting prozac nation do the same.
    In any case that Simon Cow*** character gets on my nerves..
  5. The only winner in these programmes is Simon Cowell. The singers get signed up by him & so much of the phone vote money goes to him.

    Its TV for morons, we make a cheap programme & we charge you to vote.

    Next week we have the ultimate shit programme starting Big Brother with the hideous, no talent Davina McCall.
    looks like the playstation & wii will be getting a lot of use!
  6. I really hate David Mcall - one of the worlds ugliest women and the intelligence of frog shit. If that was the last woman on earth , I would rather screw Robert Mugabe.

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