Currently waiting on my start date, as far as I am aware the intake for AA ET/ME should be around October/November (I could be wrong).

My fitness is decent and fairly clued up on my technical knowledge; just wondering if there's anything that
I should perhaps brush up on or practice before going to Raleigh?

Just want to make sure I am as prepared as I can be.



War Hero
Kit. Kit seems to be the biggest problem recruits have, though I think many of their kit problems stem from poor time management. Phones are locked away during day and so too many recruits are desperate to check their Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter (or whatever their particular obsession is), and so don't pay enough attention to detail and allow their minds to wander when they should be absolutely focused on the task in hand. 'That's probably good enough' (it rarely is). Get to grips with properly managing your time and prioritising your tasks (top tip - phoning home/checking your social media always comes last) and you should have no problems.

Nothing about Raleigh is especially hard when looked at objectively, people make it difficult for themselves by adopting the wrong mind-set. Shut up when someone else is talking, give everything 100%, help those around you that might be struggling, ask for help if you're struggling, and you'll enjoy it and the time will fly by.


Thanks lads, really appreciate the advice!

Can’t wait to go, I’ll make sure I’m up to scratch with my kit and such.

I currently work as a muktiskilled maintenance technician on a chemical plant so I’m not really on my phone that much (in case it creates an explosion) so I’m not particularly worried about that.

Anything that you guys struggled with in particular?