The Big Society takes a big tumble

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Feb 3, 2011.

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  1. Surprise surprise as Camorons vision of a community driven renaissance of the inner cities suffered an embarrassment today after Liverpool, a key partner in one of his project's four "big society" showcase areas, said it was pulling out of the initiative because of government-imposed spending cuts.

    Full Story Here.

    Camoron is a bigger fool than I thought if he actually believed that this hare-brained scheme would work in what I believe is a society that is damaged beyond repair.
  2. What's not to like about the concept?

    Is reducing unecessary bureaucracy (and it's non-productive bureaucrat's costs) such a verrry bad thing to you, Finks?

    Your 'hare-brained scheme' (ie Building the Big Society - Communities and neighbourhoods - Department for Communities and Local Government etc) may have fallen at the first fence at one certain City (which apparently already has one of the highest claims on public expenditure per resident in the country) but there are other cities still in with a shout.

    Any embryo scheme is bound to have some teething problems, so could I politely suggest monitoring the success of their attempts before making such a cynical call.?

    Or is that too much to ask of one whose self-appointed role appears to be RR's Doomsayer?


    PS Just for You :wink:

  3. This has nothing to do with passing power to the people; it's about government attempting to dump the responsibilities that we pay them to administer.
  4. Saw this in the local news today. Must have been something seriously wrong for the city council to jack the idea of the Big Society in. They are usually all in favor of something to streamline and revitalise local govt etc.
  5. The issue here is that like many Northern cities its staunchly Labour and now its had its wings clipped on the spending front its spitting its dummy. Everyone is facing hardship. Its a fact of life caused by Labours stupid policies and cow-towing (spelling) to the banks who now wont lend any of the money that WE have given to them to bail them out of the shit!!!

    Man up and get over it Scouseville we're all in the shit!!

  6. If only that were the case it would make it a tad more palatable.
  7. Care to elaborate oh knower of everything?? :sleepy2::pottytrain2:
  8. Not really as you know the score, as we all do. Oh and it's nearly everthing.
  9. I know that all I hear is people dripping about how bad it is. Yes its bad so I tell you what why dont we all blame the Jews or burn a few mosques down to vent our frustration. Or perhaps in alot of cases like when I was North of the border recently get verbally abused for being "English" by some knob who ironically had a wife from Croydon sat next to him.!! He also didn't like "Pakis" and perhaps people who dont like fried mars bars by the sounds of it!!

    As I said man up. I'm not getting any help for setting up a small business but i'm not expecting any handouts at this time either. The alternative is the dole and i'm not even going there!! People in the U.K are far too happy asking for handouts than getting out there and trying to do it themselves!!
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2011
  10. :applaud::applaud::applaud: Well said that man !

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