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10 May 2018

Life in Faslane: 50 years of nuclear submarines on the Clyde

<<...The Royal Navy's association with Faslane and Gare Loch dates back to World War One, well before the nuclear weapons arrived.

During WW2, Faslane acquired large jetties and a railway connection in order to take in transatlantic shipments of troops and supplies.

After that it took on the role of shipbreaking but was also used as a base for submarines in the pre-nuclear days.

The decision to use it as a nuclear sub base meant one of the largest building projects the Navy had ever undertaken.

And on 10 May 1968, HMS Neptune, the Clyde Submarine Base, officially came into being when HRH The Queen Mother opened the site...>>

The naval base in the 1960s was a very different place


War Hero
All this 50 years is a bit cack to be honest! It is maybe 50 years since they stuck up a plaque, but I went to kiddies parties on Adamant then Maidstone, whilst my folks went to many bashes in the SR's Mess, which was an old thatched house, known as the Vista Club. As for nuclear boats since 1968, ummm, DREADNOUGHT - then of course VALIANT and WARSPITE all in service and running out of Faslane prior to 1968.

I wonder if the SNP will have a function to celebrate?

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