The Big EU Bun fight....rebate or not ......

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by trelawney126, Nov 4, 2012.

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  1. ...........''the European Commission has warned of widespread fraud''

    really? ,hard to believe.
  2. All this huffing and puffing is nothing but a charade to give the taxpayers false hope that our spineless politicians will stand up for three weeks time we'll have a long faced Cameron telling us all "sorry folks we did our best but got out-voted and the EU budget as proposed has gone through"
  3. [​IMG]

    These two know all about economics..............leave it to them... and we'll be OK........(That right, Finx?)
  4. I believe that most EU states with a functioning brain cell and a grasp of the basics of Government finance would back him. His biggest enemy is the EU Constitution.

  5. Please don't fall into the trap of using "their" terminology i.e. "EU States". Call it what it really is and not what they want it to be called. A collection of independent sovereign countries being screwed by a minority of people.

    One of Cameron's biggest enemies is the group of people who don't seem to care and thus don't vote.

    Do politics or politics will do you.
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  6. I was going to write "EU member states" but, clearly, unwisely abreviated it. You are quite right, of course, and the member states are independant and sovereign; and long may they stay so. As the EU string pullers continue to nudge, push, pull and blackmail the States toward their federal dream, there must come a point where sovereign states must say enough is enough. We seem rather like someone running along a corridor in the dark, knowing that at some point we'll meet the brick wall; so far, so good.

    I note that the lkely referendum question will be a straight "stay in or get out". The ballot box fodder will be bombarded with so many dire consequence and financial disaster stories that they will be psychologically bullied into staying in. The dire consequence of that doesn't bear thinking of.
  7. An idiotic member of my extended dysfunctional family has said that the EU is thinking about putting VAT on house sales. Fuck my tall hat! Anyone else heard this dit? I think it's bollocks 'cos if it's remotely true, we'll all be floggin' our houses for a quid.
  8. There already is an EU Directive on the application of VAT (Taxe sur la Valeur Ajoutée - TVA) to the sale of new homes and building land so it would not come as a surprise that this is in the offing.

    And to think we are in this mess because PM Health probably of him being blackmailed due to his .. ummm ... peccadilloes ...

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