The Big Bang


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Backpacker1uk said:
Once again we have changes the shooting season for the WILD HAGGIS ...
An amazingly durable creature that has been around since the dawn of time, perhaps even longer than crocs and gators. There used to be a butcher's shop in Helensburgh that had numerous examples of several-million year old fossilised haggis eggs - apparently these creatures had been extremely prolific in the area and the eggs were just lying around near the sea just awaiting collection.
Its a combo of Leadership, taking potential new recruits into the wild to see what we are "all about" and other stuff. It will probably rain a lot, and be freezing. But meant to have a good "social" in the middle of it. Cannot wait!
"South West Big Bang"...sorry, thought it was something to do with Devon/Cornwall and loads of naked women!!.....just something to do with the RNR..shame! :confused1:
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