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Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by guestm, Apr 12, 2010.

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  1. Seeing as I enjoyed the National thread and Haggis catcher's glorious result so much, I thought I'd start a betting thread for those of us that like a punt. It seemed like good luck as both HG and I have raked it in, so to keep the good luck going, here we are.

    Tonight I have a monday magic tenner on these 4 all winning at 8/1.

    and Vitor Setubal.

    Shite, Exeter have just scored. 8O
  2. Nice one! That's quality.
    Champion 60:60
  3. My top tip never include Scottish football in any accumulator as were all shite and teams are terribly inconsistent.
  4. Have meet Bob, he is a real nice guy, and has time for everyone. Went to the Premeire of the film "Champions"(John Hurt) way back when. Which prompted me to read his book" Champions Story" his struggle to fight cancer, and determination to ride "Aldaniti" in the Grand National (and win!!!) You will have a great time at Haldon
  5. Top tip tonight motherwell against celtic at 7/1 we are on our knees at this time. I personally cant bet against my team also I fancy Carlisle to beat leeds at brunton park as they usually find it hard up here.
  6. Got a massive accumulator on tonight. Last nights 4 was a gash bet.
  7. Gone for Chelsea, Southampton, Norwich, Notts County and Luton only comes in at 7/1 but in with a good shot
  8. Similar to mine mate, but got nines with billy hill.
  9. Fucking Norwich.
  10. yep the dicks beat me aswell was lucking forward to my 100 quid.
  11. Swiss Cross, Newmarket 5:55. Lump on.
  12. hmmm 8/1 on laddys how sure are you about this tip.
  13. Heavily backed by the lads in Coral this morning, one of which picked 4 winners at Flamingo park yesterday and is normally a good tipster.

    Gone for 30 quid each way.
  14. Took your word for it £5 win
  15. shite tip that one. :oops:
  16. Tell me about it.

    Thankfully I got Munlochy bay at 28/1 in the 4:30 at Cheltenham.
  17. any football on today lads? I've gone for a Raith Rovers, Man City double @16/1. Worth a punt
  18. Carlisle to beat Southampton by 2 clear goals. 33/1.
  19. On my way shortly, other way round more like,good luck with the bet.

    Saints must win and Huddersfield must loose, or the riot barriers will be up in the Northam carpark and its a bugger for me to get home. :(
  20. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Do you still get that betting form where you pick 5 or 7 home winners from the football?

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