The best sea daddy

I joined the Cherry B in 73 and the killick of the mess was Eric Pape fcuking hard as nails Pompey Field Gunner, his side kick Jan Stocker was a hard as fcuk Guzz Field Gunner both of them scared the fcuking shit out of me. They took no prisoners and if you fcuked up a good kicking was well deserved and not considered bullying merely pointing out the errors of your ways. I was a lazy Mess Chef and cleaned up quickly after the Morning watch so I could grab 30 mins kip before turning too at 0900. My next ship was the Bristol in 77 and Flash was the CPO Mech of the 4.5Mk 8 he taught me so much as a Dabber I was thick as fcuk but with his mentoring he got me rated LH at 21. Back on Bristol in 81 Shep was my CPO(M) switched on to fcuk what he didn't know about Seadart and GSA1 wasn't worth knowing (didn't stop him firing off a salvo shot in 82 at a false echo but I forgive him for that) we would have quizzies on watch and the loser would have to buy the nutty for the next watch.
Next stop Manchester 84 Henry P CPO(M) who scared the shit out of me but his wit was sharp as a pussers dirk, he could put you down with a single comment - I met him again in 94 and he said Stan still a CPO not made WO1 then I said niaively yeah Henry thought I'd be on the last signal - he said " Stan you wasn't because you were'nt good enough hurt like fcuk but true. Joined ARK and I like to think I set some sort of example to my youngsters, but fcuk did I have some good guys during my tenure in the pusser to provide me with guidance and leadership hope it still continues.
Love them to bits and still laugh at how fcuking cocky and self assured I thought I was.
What a life eh!!!

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