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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, Oct 21, 2008.

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  1. Thought about this last night cos there was feck all on tv. Loved being an AB no responsibilty if you fcuked up or came back adrift couple of days No9s (saved money for next run ashore). But for me PO was the dogs knob party time alongside, better socials than the CPO Mess more chicks and younger( but sometimes bigger). Everything stayed in the mess and the CPOs took the shit. Friday afternoon alongside in Pompey on Manchester was fun just how many teapots of CSB can you drink, bar manager used to go daft totting up the chits on Monday. Made CPO and life became much more serious lots of time keeping POs and ABs out of the shite.
    LH was wank, crap from the SRs and the lads.
  2. PO is the new LH mate ;)
  3. Yeah lol it was heading that way when I left
  4. As a killick, if you were any good, you could divert the shit up or down as appropiate and avoid geting hit by it your self :dwarf:
  5. easy, CPO, far more respect from the Occifers. PO was to most a jumped up Killick. A Killick was someone too stupid to make SR. And an OD was that, a frickin OD
  6. Canteen Manager.
    Lives in the chiefs mess, no boss, sorts out his own routine, gets the ships company to do all his storing.
    life of Riley :w00t:
  7. And the rate for that is what Civvy
  8. Who cares, he's the man with the beer store keys :w00t:
  9. The rate for that is CANMAN.
    If you'd spent some time as ships company on an actual ship, you might have known that :w00t:
  10. Civvy...

    Reminds me of the quote from "Planet of the apes"....

    "if that's the standard of the folk here we will be running the place in 3 weeks!"

    Hmmm that figures...

    Defo CIVVY
  11. I'm with cornish on this one. Without a doubt I enjoyed my time as a Chief the most. It was high enough to be taken seriously and be able to finally bring your ideas to fruition and be given a fair hearing rather than being dismissed as irrelevant because you're a PO or lower.

  12. You were never commissioned then?

  13. IF he was, he would have written something along that line I guess? WTF>
  14. CPO for me and formostly the same reasons already stated.

    I enjoyed being a DO and having more responsibility and the fact that most officers treated you very differently to when a PO.

    As for Dickhead - well, his name says it all really.
  15. Whilst I really enjoyed my time as a Chief my best advancement was certaintly on the day they took my ID card and I was rated Mr.
  16. I did'nt realise they took your ID card off you when you were promoted to WO :jocolor:
  17. Boy/Junior Seaman 1st Class was very good rate to be until they disrated me back to Boy/Junior Seaman 2nd Class in my 47th week of Service not promoting me again until my 49th week of service showing a 14 days break in my good conduct. I think they may have made it longer but you had to be a Boy/Junior Seaman 1st Class to pass out of Ganges.

    Still it was less painful than 6 cuts.

  18. Surely WO I is the best, as you no longer need to keep your head up someone's arse. (Though by the time you get there, it seems to be an unbreakable habit)
    Killick must be the worst, responsibiltiy without authority in many cases.

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