Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by cornwall, Apr 22, 2010.

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  1. had the phonecall ive been waiting for yesterday ive now been given a start date october 1st and cant wait anyone else been given this date
  2. Congratulations, for what trade?

    When did you sit your RT?
  3. Good Stuff Matey!

    I was told yesterday that all the details for the October phase had just come through so there will be some more happy people on here over the next few days!! :D

    Soon be here
  4. congratulations :)
    i wish i was you!!! i live 5 mins away from raleigh, so i see it every day, its just the waiting thats bothering me me ahha!!!
    how long did you have to wait to get a date & what branch are you going for??
  5. I got all excited when I got home yesterday to find a big brown envelope from the Navy waiting for me, but alas, it was just a new security clearance form to fill out and I've got go for an update interview as its now over 12 months since I sat my RT!
  6. I bet you were gutted :cry:

    At least it shows they haven't forgotten you :D
  7. Absolutely, suddenly started looking forward to Monday and going in to work to hand my notice in, then cam back down to earth with a bump when I opened it, ah well!

    Good luck to everyone who has already got a start date, I'll get there eventually!

    Funnily enough I'd actually rung them on Friday as I've got re-book my fitness test as that expires soon.
  8. If it makes you feel any better, you are way ahead of me and many RR chums! :D
  9. Si mate. When did you pass your RT and what have you applied for?
  10. Allreet Ruby

    I passed my RT at the end of March and passed the interview on Weds last week... Am goining in as AET.

    Got a long wait but it's broken up a bit with RNAC in July 8)

    What about yourself?
  11. heya... so if you dont join up before the 12 months after your RT you have to update it???and do you also have to do your fitness again??
  12. Hey mate. Yea passed everything at the end of september last year for ETWE so been waiting 7 months already. Kind of hoping i'll hear something soon. Like you i've got an RNAC date for the 17th of May to look forward to in the meantime. :p
  13. i gather your at the plymouth afco...same as me ??? i phoned about going on a RNAC but my CA wasnt in and they told me she would get back to me that was a while ago now,
    how did you come about getting yours??
    :) thanks
  14. That will soon be here Ruby, let me know how you found it!

    Enjoy :D
  15. No, RT is valid for 3 years I think so you don't have to re sit that after 12 months, but the PJFT and Security Clearance are only valid for 12 months, so if you haven't got in within 12 months of passing the PJFT you have to re do it and similarly if you haven't started within 12 months of being granted security clearance then you have to fill in the forms and apply for it again.

    My fitness test is valid until 12th June, but there is no way I will be in by then so will have to re do it, and my security clearance has just expired so I've just had to fill in all the forms again.
  16. We're all in the same boat, pardon the pun!!!

    Haven't heard anything about RNAC yet, am going to ask about that at my update interview, don't know when that is yet though.
  17. Passed all my stuff back in october got told ocotber 2011 but got brought foward to april 2011 so thats good got rnac june 21st
  18. ahh i see ...thats okay, i have up to a two year wait so i am most likely going to have to do my fitness again..but hey oh well thats life...i dont mind, hust need to make sure i keep fit but thats not problem...
    thanks :) you're a star :p
  19. im heading on the rnac on the 21st of june, where you going? i've to go to hms caledonia. going to Raleigh 24th of October
  20. i have a RNAC at HMS Collingwood on the 12th july well happy :)

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