The best car/ lorry/ bike/trike you'd own if money


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was no object.
So thats no need to worry about the yearly insurance tax etc... money no object.
100 bonus points if you upload a photo too!!

I'll have a james bond Austin Martin BD6
Even if money were to be no object I wouldn't want to stand out too much, in any case liking Q cars; them as is fast but don't look it.
I'd stick with something like a Seat Leon RS but go a bit special with the bike; it'd have to be a Ducati, nothing else makes the same noise and feels so safe.


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fly_past said:
Hey SgtP Why the red wheels? Must admit the bike looks kinda cute! Bet you never went over 70MPH on it have you?!
Red wheels/silver bodywork was a retro colour scheme for the Monster S4 at the time; however only the front wheel is red (rear one was damaged last year and is now silver!).

And I only do 30 in a 30 and 70 in a 70 (any resemblance to me and a motorcyclist commuting on the M27-A31/A35-M5-A38 between Pompey and Guzz from Aug 06-Apr 07 is purely coincidental...)

Yeah! and I never went over 70 in my Ford Anglia years ago, because of I had of done the experience would have been too frightening.
Now however is not then :evil:
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For me a Red 2 CV like this one did it. Named "L'Escargot Rouge" Pulled more girls than yer average boy racer.
They feel safe with a gentle man concerned with the environment or they were also 2CV owners.



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ET Mesh.... what the *******is that MV Augusta! Looks like something Capt Kirk would go on! (Must look at the price tag- then get a mortgage for the insurance). The bike looks so cool, but it would struggle to get to 70 MPH!! Cough*
It looks quite unreal - wow.....
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