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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Gombear, Nov 20, 2009.

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  1. I see the EU has given some grey gentleman from a grey country the title of “Presidentâ€. Well, I for one, do not recognise him as representing me. I suspect that many other RR members feel the same. Therefore can we just refer to him as the “Belgian bloke†in any future threads?

    As far as the unelected Labour peer Baroness Ashton, who was parachuted into Mandy Prince of Browness’ old job as unelected commissioner, she is now EU Foreign spokesthingy. AAAARGH!! :evil:
  2. Fret not; his best friend is Tin Tin.

    They don’t want somebody too charismatic or gobby too soon as it would give away too many clues to the Federal future.
  3. The United States of Europe will be with us soon.... (USE)
  4. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Can anyone name ten (real) famous Belgians apart from Audrey Hepburn & Herge?
  5. How long, then, until the civil war?
  6. Aerts, Jean, cyclist
    Albert I, King of Belgium from 1909 to 1934
    Albert II, King of Belgium since August 1993
    Arfeuille, Walter, Guinness Record - lifted 281.5kg a distance of 17cm off the ground with his teeth in 1990
    Baekeland, Leo Hendrik, inventor of the synthetic resin known as "bakelite"
    Becue, Brigitte, swimmer
    Beernaert, Auguste, winner of the 1909 Nobel Peace Prize and prime minister of Belgium (1884-1894)
    Bègue, Lambert le, first priest to organise communities of Beguines
    Bekaert, Leo Leander, founder of Bekaert N.V.
    Benoit, Peter, composer and founder of the Royal Flemish Conservatory
    Berghmans, Ingrid, judo champion
    Bertrand, Plastic, punk/rock singer of 'Ca Plane Pour Moi' fame
    Binchois, Gilles, 15th century composer
    Bolland, Jean, Flemish Jesuit and hagiographer
    Bologne, Jean, Flemish sculptor
    Bordet, Jules, bacteriologist who developed vaccine for whooping cough
    Bosman, Jean-Marc, footballer who changed the transfer rules
    Boudewijn, King of Belgium from 1951 to 1993
    Bourignon, Antoinette, mystic and advocate of quietism
    Boutsen, Thiery, Formula 1 driver
    Brel, Jacques, legendary chansonnier / singer
    Brouwer, Adriaen, painter
    Bruegel the Elder, Pieter, painter
    Cammaerts, Emile Leon, poet
    Campin, Robert, painter
    Ceulemans, Jan, international football player
    Ceulemans, Raymond, 17-times Word Champion billiard player
    Claes, Ernest, novelist and short-story writer
    Claes, Willy, ex-NATO Secretary General
    Claiborne, Liz, fashion designer
    Claude, Albert, biochemist who was the first to isolate a cancer cell
    Claus, Hugo, poet, dramatist, novelist and film writer
    Clijsters, Kim, world-class tennis player
    Coninx, Stijn, director of "Daens" (nominated for an Oscar® in 1992)
    Conscience, Hendrik, novelist and short-story writer who "taught the people how to read"
    Coopman, Jean-Pierre, the only Belgian boxer ever to fight the great Mohammed Ali
    Cooreman, Gerhard, prime minister of Belgium (1918)
    Cortázar, Julio, writer
    Cuisenaire, Georges, Belgian teacher famous for his method of teaching mathematics
    Culliford, Pierre, alias "Peyo", the creator of "The Smurfs"
    Damien, Father (Pater Damiaan), missionary on the leper island of Molokai, Hawaii
    David, Gerard, Flemish painter
    Davidse, Bob, TV presenter ("Nonkel Bob" from "Tip Top")
    d'Alviella, Count Goblet, prime minister of Belgium (1831, 1832-34)
    d'Anethan, Jules Joseph, prime minister of Belgium (1870-71)
    De Bériot, Charles, violinist
    De Broqueville, Charles, prime minister of Belgium (1911-18, 1932-34)
    De Brouckere, Henri, prime minister of Belgium (1852-55)
    De Burlet, Jules, prime minister of Belgium (1894-96)
    Deckers, Jeanne (Soeur Sourire), who had a number one hit in the US with 'Dominique'
    De Clercq, Guy, water skier
    De Decker, Pierre, prime minister of Belgium (1855-57)
    De Duve, Christian, winner of the 1974 Nobel Prize for Physiology and discoverer of lysosomes and peixosomes
    De Ghelderode, Michel, dramatist
    Dehaene, Jean-Luc, Prime Minister of Belgium (1992-99)
    De Muelenare, Felix Amand, prime minister of Belgium (1831-32)
    De Rore, Cyprien, Belgian composer who produced the first score for voices
    De Sauvage, Count, prime minister of Belgium (1831)
    De Smedt, Edward, chemist and inventor of modern-day road asphalt
    De Smet, Pierre Jean, missionary
    De Smet de Nayer, Paul, prime minister of Belgium (1896-1907)
    De Theux, Bartholemy Theodore, prime minister of Belgium (1834-40, 1846-47)
    De Trooz, Jules, prime minister of Belgium (1907-08)
    De Vlaeminck, Eric, cyclo-cross champion
    De Vlaeminck, Roger, cyclist
    De Vriendt, Cornelis Floris, designer of Antwerp Town Hall
    De Wiart, Henri Carton, prime minister of Belgium (1920-21)
    De Wilde, Etienne, track cyclist (Silver medal at Sydney 2000)
    Des Prez, Josquin, composer
    Deburghgraeve, Fred, 100m Breaststroke Gold medal winner at Atlanta 96 and ex-World Record holder
    Delacroix, Leon, prime minister of Belgium (1918-20)
    Delstanche, Charles, pioneer in otology
    Delvaux, Paul, surrealist painter
    Demeulemeester, Ann, fashion designer
    Denijn, Jef, campanology expert
    Duvieusart, Jean Pierre, prime minister of Belgium (1950)
    Egmont, Lamoral, general and statesman
    Ensor, James Sidney, painter
    Eyskens, Gaston, prime minister of Belgium (1949-50, 1958-61, 1968-72)
    Eyskens, Marc, prime minister of Belgium (1981)
    Ferdi, Will, singer and first Belgian personality to announce he was gay (real name Werner Ferdinande)
    Franck, César Auguste, composer and organist
    Franquin, Andre, creator of the "Guust Flater" and "Marsupilami" comic series
    Frere-Orban, H J Walthere, prime minister of Belgium (1857-70, 1878-84)
    Frimout, Dirk, the first Belgian astronaut to enter space
    Fyt, Jan, painter and etcher
    Geboers, Eric, moto-cross rider
    Gerlache, Adrien de, commander of the first scientific Antarctic expedition
    Geulincx, Arnold, Flemish philosopher
    Gezelle, Guido, Roman Catholic priest, teacher and poet
    Gilmore, Matthew, track cyclist (Silver medal at Sydney 2000)
    Godefroid, Sebastien, great sailor and Silver medallist in the Finn class sailing event at Atlanta 96
    Goethals, Raymond, trainer of the Belgian National Football Team for 10 years
    Goossens, Cas, ex-Managing Director of the BRTN and Chairman of Eurosport
    Gramme, Zénobe, inventor of the Gramme dynamo
    Grétry, André, composer
    Grumiaux, Arthur, eminent violinist
    Harmel, Pierre, prime minister of Belgium (1965-66)
    Hellebuyck, Eddy, 100m sprinter and finalist at Atlanta 96
    Hennepin, Louis, first European to explore the upper Mississippi river
    Henin, Justine, world-class tennis player
    Hepburn, Audrey, actress and special ambassador to UNICEF
    Herge, the creator of "Tin Tin" (Kuifje) - his real name is Georges Remi
    Heylen, Ivan, Flemish singer
    Heymans, Corneille, winner of the 1938 Nobel Prize for Physiology
    Horta, Victor, Art Nouveau architect
    Huysmans, Camille, prime minister of Belgium (1946-47)
    Ickx, Jacky, Formula 1 racing driver
    Jacobs, Victor, prime minister of Belgium (1884)
    Jansen, Cornelis, Flemish theologian who founded the Jansenism movement
    Janson, Paul Emile, prime minister of Belgium (1937-38)
    Jaspar, Henri, prime minister of Belgium (1926-31)
    Jobe, Georges, moto-cross rider
    Jordaens, Jacob, painter
    Joseph, Albert, prime minister of Belgium (1831, 1832-34)
    Joseph, Etienne Noel, prime minister of Belgium (1831)
    Kim, Sandra, youngest ever winner of the Eurovision Song Contest
    Klein, Dani, lead singer of Belgium's most successful band "Vaya Con Dios" (sold 10 million CD's)
    La Fontaine, Henri, winner of the 1913 Nobel Peace Prize
    Lambrechts, Esther, singer better known as "La Esterella"
    Lasso, Orlando di, composer
    Lateau, Louise, Belgian lady who experienced "stigmata"
    Lebeau, Joseph, prime minister of Belgium (1832-34, 1840-41)
    Leburton, Edmond, prime minister of Belgium (1973-74)
    Lefevre, Theodore, prime minister of Belgium (1961-65)
    Lemaître, Georges, astronomer who discovered the Big Bang theory
    Lemonnier, Camille, novelist and founder of the Belgian literary renaissance
    Lenoir, Jean Joseph Etienne, inventor of the internal-combustion engine
    Leopold I, King of Belgium from 1831 to 1865
    Leopold II, King of Belgium from 1865 to 1909
    Leopold III, King of Belgium from 1934 to 1951
    Loiseau, Constant, inventor of the optometer
    Lomba, Marie-Isabelle, great judoka and Bronze medallist at Atlanta 96
    Lotti, Helmut, international pop singer
    Maertens, Freddy, cyclist
    Maeterlinck, Maurice, author
    Magritte, Rene, painter and theorist of surrealism
    Mallise, Xavier, world-class tennis player
    Malou, Jules, prime minister of Belgium (1846-47, 1874-78, 1884)
    Martens, Wilfried, prime minister of Belgium (1979-92)
    Massis, John, the man with the strongest teeth in the world
    Matsys, Quentin, Flemish painter who founded the Antwerp school
    Meirhaege, Filip, mountain biker (Silver medal at Sydney 2000)
    Mercator, Gerardus, cartographer, mathematician and geographer
    Merckx, Eddy, cyclist and 5-time winner of the Tour de France
    Nothomb, Jean-Baptiste, prime minister of Belgium (1841-45)
    Ockeghem, Johannes, Flemish composer
    Ortelius, Abraham, Flemish geographer who produced the first modern atlas
    Peeters, Bart, radio and TV presenter
    Pfaff, Jean-Marie, international goal keeper
    Philips, Luk, brilliant actor ("Pastoor Munte" and "Bompa")
    Pholien, Joseph, prime minister of Belgium (1950-52)
    Pien, Armand, Belgian weather man for more than 35 years
    Pierlot, Hubert, prime minister of Belgium (1939-45)
    Pire, Dominique, winner of the 1958 Nobel Peace Prize
    Pirenne, Henri, historian, well-known for his Pirenne Thesis
    Planckaert, Eddy, cyclist
    Plantin, Christophe, bookbinder and typography expert
    Plateau, Joseph, inventor of the stroboscope
    Poirot, Hercule, Belgian detective
    Poullet, Prosper, prime minister of Belgium (1925-26)
    Prigogine, Ilya, chemical physicist famous for his theoretical framework on the origin of life
    Puttemans, Emiel, long-distance runner
    Quetelet, Lambert Adolphe, mathematician and inventor of the Body Mass Index
    Rakels, Heidi, judoka (Bronze medal at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992)
    Reinhardt, Jean Baptiste "Django", inventor of the two-finger guitar playing technique
    Remi, Georges, better known as Hergé, the creator of "Tin Tin" (Kuifje)
    Renkin, Jules, prime minister of Belgium (1931-32)
    Reynders, Yvonne, cyclist
    Robert, Joel, moto-cross rider
    Rodenbach, Albrecht, poet
    Rodenbach, Georges, poet and novelist
    Roelands, Gaston, long-distance runner
    Rogge, Jacques, President of the IOC (International Olympic Committee)
    Rogier, Charles Latour, prime minister of Belgium (1832-34, 1847-52, 1857-68)
    Rolin-Jaequemyns, Gustave, who co-founded the Institute of International Law in Ghent in 1873
    Röpcke, Jo, respected film critic - nobody in Belgium has seen more films than him
    Rouffaer, Senne, actor who is better known as "Kapitein Zeppos" (Captain Zeppos)
    Rousseau, Vincent, marathon runner
    Rubens, Peter Paul, painter
    Rysbrack, John Michael, sculptor
    Saive, Jean-Michel, table-tennis player
    Sarton, May Eleanor, poet and novelist
    Sax, Adolphe, inventor of the saxophone
    Scherens, Jef, cyclist
    Schoepen, Bobbejaan, Flemish singer and ex-owner of "Bobbejaanland" (real name Modest Schoepen)
    Schollaert, Frans, prime minister of Belgium (1908-11)
    Schotte, Briek, cyclist
    Schueremans, Herman, organiser of the annual Torhout-Werchter Rock Festival
    Scifo, Enzo, international football player
    Sercu, Patrick, cyclist
    Simenon, Georges, writer
    Simons, Ann, judoka (Bronze medal at Sydney 2000)
    Singing Nun, The (Soeur Sourire), who had a number one hit in the US with 'Dominique'
    Snyders, Frans, painter
    Solvay, Ernest, inventor of the Solvay process (ammonia)
    Spaak, Paul Henri, founder of the Benelux and prime minister of Belgium (1938-39, 1946, 1947-49)
    Stevens, Patrick, Belgium's best 100m sprinter
    Stevin, Simon, mathematician and engineer
    Streuvels, Stijn, novelist
    Teirlinck, Herman, novelist and playwright
    Teniers the Younger, David, painter and engraver
    Theunis, George, prime minister of Belgium (1921-25, 1934-35)
    Thielemans, Toots, world-famous jazz musician
    Thijs, Philippe, cyclist
    Thys, Guy, coach of the Belgian National Football Team for 15 years
    Tilly, Johann Tserclaes, field marshall
    Timmermans, Felix, author
    Tindemans, Leo, prime minister of Belgium (1974-78)
    Tin Tin, created by Herge (Georges Remi)
    Tura, Will, Flemish singer (real name Arthur Blanckaert)
    Urbanus, Belgium's funniest comedian (real name Urbain Servranckx)
    Van Acker, Achiel, prime minister of Belgium (1945-46, 1954-58)
    Van Artevelde, Jacob, statesman and political leader
    Van Barneveld, Harry, great judoka and Bronze medallist at Atlanta 96
    Van Beirendonck, Walter, fashion designer
    Van Damme, Ivo, athleet
    Van Damme, Jean-Claude, action-film hero
    Van Depoele, Charles, inventor of the electric railway
    Van Donck, Flory, golf player
    Van Dyck, Anton, painter
    Van Ghent, Joos, Flemish painter
    Van Ginderen, Terry, TV presenter ("Tante Terry" from "Tip Top")
    Van Helmont, Jan Baptista, physician / chemist who showed that plants feed mostly on water, not soil
    Van Himst, Paul, international football player and coach
    Van Hool, Bernard, founder of international coachbuilder Van Hool NV
    Van Houtte, Jean, prime minister of Belgium (1952-54)
    Van Humbeeck, Pierre Edouard, prime minister of Belgium (1878-84)
    Van Looy, Rik, cyclist
    Van Miert, Karel, ex-European Commissioner for Competition (EEC)
    Van Moer, Wilfried, international football player
    Van Noten, Dries, fashion designer
    Van Ostayen, Paul, Flemish poet
    Van Rompaey, Jan, TV journalist
    Van Roost, Dominique, tennis player
    Van Ruysbroeck, Jan, mystic beatified by Pope Pius X
    Van Steenbergen, Rik, cyclist
    Van Zeeland, Paul, prime minister of Belgium (1935-37)
    Van de Velde, Henri Clemens, Art Nouveau architect
    Van de Vyvere, Alois, prime minister of Belgium (1925)
    Van de Weyer, Jean-Sylvain, prime minister of Belgium (1845-46)
    Van de Woestijne, Karel, poet
    Vandecaveye, Gella, great judoka (Silver medal at Atlanta 1996 and Bronze medal at Sydney 2000)
    Vandenpeerebom, Jules, prime minister of Belgium (1899)
    Vanden Boeynants, Paul, prime minister of Belgium (1966-68, 1978)
    Vandevelde, Luc, ex-Chairman of Marks and Spencer
    Vanthilt, Marcel, ex-VJ on MTV and leadsinger of the band "Arbeid Adelt"
    Van der Goes, Hugo, Flemish painter
    Van der Groen, Dora, actress best known for her role in "De Heren van Zichem" (The Men from Zichem)
    Van der Weyden, Rogier, painter
    Van het Groenewoud, Raymond, singer
    Verhaeren, Emile, Flemish poet
    Verhofstadt, Guy, prime minister of Belgium (1999-2007)
    Vermeiren, Paul, archer
    Vesalius, Andreas, famous anatomist and physician
    Vieuxtemps, Henri, violinist and composer
    Wally, Eddy, world-famous Flemish singer also known as "The Voice of Europe"
    Werbrouck, Ulla, great judoka and Gold medallist at Atlanta 96
    Woeste, Charles, prime minister of Belgium (1884)
    Wauters, Koen, leadsinger of the popular band "Clouseau"
    Yourcenar, Marguerite, novelist
    Ysaýe, Eugène, violinist, conductor and composer
    Zimmer, Louis, world-famous clockmaker

    Soporific or what?
  7. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Nope. Don't know any of them.
  8. Belgium is hardly one country being split between those speaking French and those speaking Flemish, and trust me the two sides do not get on.
    In fact quite of lot of our neighbours do not have one single language for the entire country; Spain has at least four languages, one of which is spoken by more people than the entire population of Finland and Norway put together, and it is not Spanish which is spoken by more than 400 million people.
    The French language as we know it was only introduced totally a few decades ago.
    A lot of EU countries, in fact most, are far less centralised that the UK.
  9. For fcuk sake Bob what part of famouse do you not understand? Now answer the question properly 8O :wink: :D
  10. TimeToJoinUp. That’s a good question. That may be the reasoning behind this lunacy;

    sussex2. That is interesting and might be a reason behind the European desire for unity. Perhaps they see a Union which has their “divided†Countries as nothing more than constituent elements as some form security. Rather than being a minority in something they’d prefer to be independent of, they can be a minority in something bigger and more abstract.

    Serious question; do the Scots feel more content being run by the EU than they do by feeling they are run by the English?

    BreathingOutOnTheWayUp. Apart from them?
  11. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    A perfect breeding ground for European unity, then... 8O
  12. I'm slightly worried that I've heard of some of them. 8O
  13. One in the eye for Blair so I am happy.
  14. Unity? Unity? What on earth are you talking about man.. :roll:
  15. Ah but the union between Scotland and England (the Welsh don't count) is exactly that, a union, not a takeover. The Scots entered into it willingly and presumably with full knowledge of what they might mean.
    Should they become independent they will then have to decide amongst other things:
    Which countries or unions they wish to ally themselves with.
    To decide which currency to adopt and how to defend themselves.
    In fact how to support themselves at all.
    Simples! It ain't going to be.
    Edited because of crap spelling.
  16. Not a Jock, so treading on eggshells a bit, but I doubt that "the Scots entered into it willingly". It strikes me that the average Scot of those days had about as much say in the Union as we have had in appointing a Belgian as our "President" and a never- elected Quango bottom-feeder as the High Representative - whatever that turns out to be!
  17. Hello Brum Brat, mon viuex,

    Please accept my humble and sincere apologies – my only excuse is that I was busy elsewhere (as the sole lookout on Ja5on-watch) and therefore I admit to having posted in some undue haste, sire.

    In accord with your wish: Herewith is my carefully revised list of Belgiques Famooses.

    At your age you will be well familiar with most on this list; but, for the benefit of those less blessed, this should provide some further enlightenment, in the hallowed names of ‘Couth and Culture’ (which we all profess to seek in our rare excursions ashore……)

    Eddy Merckx (b. 1945) Notable in that he responded more than most to Norman Tebbitt’s strident call ‘To get on your bike’.
    Our Eddy won the Tour de France FIVE times in his career; before the era of ‘back-pedalling’, ‘performance enhancement’ and ‘testicular cancer’ was to encompass and diminish that noble sport. Dockyard tram-lines having also increased the casualty rate.

    Peter Paul Rubens. (1577 - 1640) The baroque painter who was the most renowned northern European artist of his day& one of the foremost painters in Western art history.
    ‘Rube’ churned out many allegorical paintings with huge colourful busts and bums. If you view any example (ie in the National Gallery) you will discover that those bums somehow always seem to be following you around…..


    "Jacky" Ickx (b. 1945) This former top racing driver achieved 25 podium finishes in Formula One and six wins in the 24 hours of Le Mans.
    Never to be confused with the similar term ‘Ickies’, being all manner and denomination of those awful foreign coins.

    Gerardus Mercator (1512 – 1594) Those who care to ‘chart’ his career will discover that he is immortalised for the Mercator projection world maps so named after him.
    The subsequent age of SAT-NAV and the Tom-Tom drummed out and diminished his contribution.

    Hercule Poirot. Some still insist that he was a mere figment of Agatha Christie’s (1890-1976) imagination.
    However, he was definitely that Belgian detective who solved dozens of murders. He first appeared in print at “The Mysterious Affair at Styles, in 1920. As he now often appears on TV (as a Suchet look-alike) and in full in colour, he must be true. BTW He was NOT the clown or a puppet bearing a similar name.

    Georges Joseph Christian Simenon (1903 – 1989) Simenon is best known for the creation of the fictional detective Maigret.
    As Belgium is always a law-abiding nation our ‘Maggot’ had to move away and even learned French. Then he plied his sleuthing trade in the sink city of Gay Paree. (Wherever that is.) What is not known is exactly how many whores & gays he collared by the arrondissements.
    Often known to smoke old stogies; and sometimes even ‘Blue Nun’; which was at that time imported and cured by this next famous Belgique:

    Jeannne Deckers (1933-1985) Know all over the world as 'The Singing Nun' for her massive hit "Dominique", which reached number 1 & sold more than 1.5 million copies circa 1963. No one could hold a candle to her in her day. But if ‘Soeur Sourire’ is no longer available on your local windee-upee Juke Box then her delightful and catchy 1963 Chart-Topper can still be heard here:

    Jean-Claude Van Damme (born 1960) The Muscles from Brussels.
    Starred in martial arts and action movies, the most successful being Timecop and Universal Soldier. (Still a role model for many a budding bootie; with potential muscle-fibre but nil moral-fibre). Yet to be fully recognised as the celebrated gay icon in Kidderminster and its immediate environs.

    Adolphe Sax (1814 – 1894) He was a Belgian musical instrument designer and musician (clarinettist but often ‘alf-pist, too).
    Best known for inventing the Saxophone.

    His lecherous but balding father had to change their family name from ‘Sex’ because the potential mother-in-law stated that: ‘We don’t want any of that malarkey here – this is Belgium, dontcha know, the very idea!’.

    Pieter Brueghel (1525-69) Usually known as ‘Pieter Brueghel the Elder’ to distinguish him from his elder son.
    He was the first in a large family of Flemish painters. His landscapes and scenes of peasant life stress the absurd and vulgar, yet are full of zest and fine detail. Invariably many wintery reproductions reappear on charity shop Christmas cards about this time each year, look out for those carefully posed but deep-frozen codpieces:

    ie His ‘Winter Landscape with Skaters and Bird Trap, 1565’

    Mons. S. Prout. More affectionately known as ‘Brussels’, (Birth/Death - dates unknown) The World Famous uphill Gardener who originally cultivated and named these ‘mini-cabbages-on-a-stick’.
    Within the UK, but only after being cruelly exposed to Jackie Frost, they appear as a culinary aberration at Christmas time. Notable exceptions to this indulgent tradition have included one certain Captain RN ****-**** (PerSec) together with his obedient Ships Co. The lessons of the Nore & Invergordon have indeed been well-remembered…..
    Recently released records have shown that one unexpected side-effect of indulging in this sensational discovery places it among the cheaper fore-runners of Phosgene and Chlorine gases. Being just a seasonal item, however, that lethal quality was never fully developed. Yet some Researchers still believe that ‘Fair play, Referee!’ was the deciding factor and so unofficial trials continue to this day.
    During the ‘Swinging Sixties’ a special edition sports car should have been rolled out to commemorate this early & unique ‘green’ item. In the event the engraving company involved in that exercise made a huge faux pas and so that marquee was finally launched as ‘ The British Leyland Austin-Healy SPRITE’ instead.

    BTW - That engraving company is now encompassed within the MOD (Medals/Plaques Dept.)

    So, with these particular and peculiar worthies in mind, let us all treat these Belgiques with far more respect and a little less of our natural anglo-saxon superiority; and never mention the war – any war…. They don’t do War.
  18. Well yes, but are they in fact FAMOUS?? :?

  19. Ah but it's never quite as simple as the Welsh, English and Scots...nor us and them...

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