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For the attention of all ale suppers, who have supped ale in all four rounded corners of the world....I would like to know which beer struck a chord with your tastebuds, or messed with your head in the most pleasant or deadly way! Beers only please - not spirits or strange trance inducing brews given to you by the lost M'dinga Tribe of Northern Borneo etc etc.
I have tried all the beers currently on offer in Tescos, Sainsburys, Asda and the like (yep good old Blighty!) and I now want to grab these Mega-Markets Alcohol representatives by the nether regions and present them with a new list of brews that they can stock for our quaffing pleasure.
To begin with I nominate these two:

1. Maccabee - a funky little number originating in Israel. It had a taste
that required some re-aligning of the average British DNA structure,
but after a crate or two - you were fluent in hebrew and could sing the
Israeli National Anthem in Yiddish. This beer crept up on you like a
Traffic Warden in hush puppies and is definitely a giver of extreme
pain the next morning!

2. Mythos (pronounced Meethos) - Any bar on any Greek island will have
this one available. Tourists usually stick to Amstel etc - but I can
thoroughly recommend "chilling" with a few bottles of this ! No
pain value that I can recall and its one of them you can supp all day
whilst you laze at the beach, collecting melanomas.


Anchor Beer, first sampled it in Penang (I think) along with Tiger Beer. I can get Tiger in the UK no problem, but never seen Anchor


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mikh said:
Anchor Beer, first sampled it in Penang (I think) along with Tiger Beer. I can get Tiger in the UK no problem, but never seen Anchor
Anchor beer used to be brewed at the Anchor Breweries in Singapore. They also brewed the infamous Tiger. The brewery run always used to end up in the Nutshell Bar (in the brewery) the quicker the trip around the brewery, the more time in the bar. hence "Any questions". No thanks


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Farson's Blue Label-----watery piss from Malta days-----Tusker from East Africa----Tiger Tops and San Mig-----One to avoid was Brickwoods Sunshine Ales----ffs - that was weasel water!


Tusker in the Florida Bar, Mombassa, Kenya. :shock:
Carib throughout the Caribbean, could be something to do with dangling feet in harryredders oggin. :lol:
Pivo in Lithuania - don't bother. :cry:
As for American beers, if all you've got left in your fridge is Bud, then you've run out of beer. :???:
Proper Corona in Mexico with limes on the side not shoved down the bottle very nice. :razz:

Best in the entire world though, Bass at my local, though it can make your bottle go a bit burpy! :wink:


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Those whe ever entered the Blue Anchor in Helston---no doubt tasted the Stingo and Spingo that was brewed on the premises----washed the oggies down in style.
Definitely Anchor - in large bottles, although I quite liked Singha from Thailand (although that may be because I was p*ssed most of the time I was there!).

Edit - If we're talking about the UK, then it has to be Bass.
Whatevr happened to DOUBLE DIAMOND. Sure worked wonders on me in the old days.

Then Grunhalle lager hit the pumps. Was that just up North?

Tiger has to be appreciated in a sweat dripping environment nice and cold.


Youngers Best first taste of beer still in oak barrels then, superb.
One of the worst would have to be brew 10


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San Miguel, from the Phillipines. Allegedly contained formaldehyde so you preserved yourself while drinking.

South Pacific, from PNG. Favourite brew of the natives. Nuff said.


Try Bintang from Indonesia, one small bottle will give you a mother of a head so you may as well get totally [email protected]#erd on it, make the pain worh it. I guess its the formaldahyde.
Brahma Chopp and Antarctica in Brazil, after a particularly hard session I actually went partialy blind for a few hours. Couple of beers sorted me out though.

In UK, by far the most devastating was a pint of rock and roll in the Star of the West at the top of Union Street, I believe it was half scrumpy and half rough cider, but the landlord would only sell you a certain amount (I think 3 or 4 pints, can't remember for some strange reason). Needless to say we got around that in various clever ways.
Rock n Roll was responsible for broken toilet sisterns, smashed table and glasses, Lt Cdr's car pull of puke, numerous punch up's and some great times.
It really was a pint of bravery, you would get monged in the star of death, have one ot two in the PR, Twigs, Tube, Clipper, then on to either Boobs or Diamond Lil's. One of our favourites was to finish the night, get a take away at the octagon, then the lads would get a taxi waiting whilst one of us would have the task of getting across the road, up the front steps of Boobs and slapping one of the bouncers in the plums and seeing if you could get back to the waiting taxi (and your pizza) before the bouncer's mates got you.
Oh the joys of mis spent youth.
Asahi Beer in Japan, they also did Asahi 'Scotch Whiskey'...... :???:

Devenish Beer (Weymouth) during FOST - eeeyuk... !!!

DD / Tankard / Drum in Pompey

Any of the German Beers in Kiel Yachting Week -- tasty!, but used to drive the Elmers a bit scatty that I recall.



RabC said:
Try Bintang from Indonesia, one small bottle will give you a mother of a head so you may as well get totally [email protected]#erd on it, make the pain worh it. I guess its the formaldahyde.
Bintang- sheer and utter, utter chemical pisswater. It doesn't get you bolloxed no matter how much you drink you just feel rough as arseholes. All in all made for a pretty depressing run in Samarinda which, incidently, is itself a minging shithole.
For me Theakston's OLD PECULIAR- wow what an ale :shock:

Then Speckled Hen, I had a hangover like a teenager after there first session. :oops: :grin:

Websters Choice, Dont see it any more but a lovely pint. :sad:

Last of all Black Sheep, lovely any time any place, bottled and draft.

Also like German beers, blonde beer , yeast beer etc, nice taste

HICK !! :grin:


Definately Chiltern Brewery real ales - if you want a supermarket to stock a decent beer then you need to suggest a decent beer so try this. The only downside is they are a small brewery in the Chilterns (Near RAF Halton) although they do supply local supermarkets I don't know how far this would extend. Worth looking at their website though as they do mail order!

Chiltern brewery

May be worth checking out your local breweries and seeing if you local supermarket will do a special deal with them - especially if it is a small company like Chiltern.

Happy drinking :grin: