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The Beckhams


David Beckham runs in early from training one afternoon and dashes up to the bedroom to find Posh spread out on the bed naked , puffing and panting ,
"What are you doing"
Posh stutters a reply "I'm - er, er....I'm having a heart attack"
Oh no" he cries in despair. "I'll call an ambulance". He runs downstairs, picks up the phone and begins to dial 999, however, he is stoppedin his tracks by a tearful Brooklyn, "what's the matter, son!" asks becks.
"Uncle Giggsy is in the wardrobe with no clothes on, daddy" sniffles Brooklyn.
Infuriated by this, Beckham runs upstairs and kicks down the wardrobe door.
Sure enough, the carpet chested Welshman is stood there, starker's,
"You ****** Giggsy" screams Becks. "My wife is right over there having a heart attack, and you're running around naked scaring the shit out of Brooklyn."
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