The Battle of the Sarnies

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by thingy, May 11, 2008.

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  1. ...full pack of rindless, back bacon in a Yorkshire flat bread :hungry: :thumright:
  2. Sausage Sandwich - extra thick white bread, smothered in woodsmoke sauce its a winner everytime. Mushrooms are optional.... Any more ? :hungry: :worship: :hungry:
  3. ladies and gentlemen you have just witnessed the birth of the Royal Naval Sandwich Association
  4. Royal Navy & Royal Marines Sandwich Association surely?
    Join forces and battle the Army and RAF then unite (for once) and launch an a-salt on Sodexho/PAYD or is that going a bit far? :chef: :hungry: :protest:
  5. all sounds good and in order lol , and you are right, it should have been Royal Navy & Royal Marines Sandwich Association i intended to write that but must have forgotten :rendeer:
    sorry royals have a sarnie on me
  6. Lmao, from the cold war to the cold meat war
  7. Now wot about the "full English Breakfast" Sausage, Egg & Bacon with a few mushrooms on top al la "Dot" up at Dryad? Nothing better than wandering back after a few jars oat the Red Beast and stopping for a banjo!
  8. From Blackfriars in London - brown bread, lettuce, hot bacon and blue cheese. Tastes good today even if you do it yourself!

  9. What about a "Jasperizer" from Capt Jaspers in the Barbarcan in Guzz? :thumright: if its a bought one ?if its still there? :dwarf:a meal for a family of four MMMMMM-MMMMM :thumright:
  10. no! i havent tried it whats in it ?
  11. Buggy, as it happens I've been an RNSA member since 1991.... but it's the RN Sail(or)ing Association. Why hire a yacht at commercial prices when the MOD will hire out one at subsidised prices! :razz:

    How about the Pusser & Booty Sarnie Club? ;)
  12. Full English Breakfast, the lot, in a bap about 12" (300mm) in Dia.
  13. ill just get my shoes on ...
  14. Sounds tasty... better than a MacBeth
  15. Scrambled egg and marmite on thick white bread, lovely!!
  16. Cheese and onion - with a layer of mustard. Lovely
  17. The old standby, mashed herrings in.
  18. I'll eat to that :thumright: :dwarf:

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