The aussipint thread

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by UncleAlbert, Jun 11, 2007.

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  1. As aussipint seems to be everywhere you look on here ….greeting new arrivals…handing out advice to anyone who will listen …..flirting with the dinosaurs and now excelling herself by not only putting forward the civvy viewpoint in current affairs, but has taken over as moderator there as well.

    So here is the Aussipint thread …a chance for all her friends to rally round and tell her how wonderful she is.

    Sadly I cant join in as I have her on ignore!!
  2. ........and your farkin point caller?
  3. Some one must have put laxatives in his Horlicks again. Always makes him grumpy.
  4. UA She does in the first dat :bball:
  5. Oh dear, first the gays now a colonial bint. Get a life you bitter old man.
  6. we got it that you don't like her; do you normally go around broadcasting your personal likes and dislikes to everyone around you?
  7. Wassup with you lot …I was only being nice giving her her own thread …..and I`m hounded by the sheep shagger and the septic….
    no fcukin pleasing some people.
  8. be nice now....... unlce albert..........pinta's a sweet girlie..... :afro:
  9. Grumpier......
  10. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Fcuk me UA, who p1ssed in your pint pot? I've actually met Pinta and found her to be an excellent run ashore oppo.

    Build a friggin bridge and get over it mate.
  11. Oh how those winter nights must just fly by in your hostel UA. Still speaking to Mosley in your sleep then?
  12. Must be hard having to play Uckers all on ya lonesome every night
  13. I do. But then I'm a cunt.
  14. :thumright: :thumright: :thumright:
  15. And there I was thinking we were gonna have to explain that particular joke to our Bootie bretheren. Guess you lot ain't as daft as you look!
  16. EW mate. The pinnacle of naval branches. I had a badge with lightening on it. I shit you not.
  17. No, that was a broken broom handle mate ;)
  18. Dear me UA, poor Pinta. I think you need a nice dose of Aussie nursey to soothe those frayed nerves, or perhaps some cold fresh air clad in a brownhatters climbing net and matching keks! :biggrin:

    Now I think an Uncle Albert thread would be MUCH MORE INTERESTING!

    Seconder please?
  19. I think you will find that this has already become an UA thread.
  20. No, if it was, it would be called "UA is a right miserable Bastard, even more than Lamri, Discuss" :D

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