The Ashes - Cardiff Test

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by The_Jimmy, Jul 12, 2009.

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  1. arent the press doing their best?

    Move on. It was a great game of cricket, we should be remembering those things and not the little things that happened.

  2. Re: Cardiff Test

    I was delighted with a draw all things considered, yesterday had real shades of 2005 about it. That will have felt like a defeat for the Aussies and we need to capitalise on thursday. Bring Harmison in for Swann, tell KP, Ali Cook and Matt Prior to THINK about their shot selection and I predict we will win back the Ashes 2-1.

    Optimistic? Always!
  3. Re: Cardiff Test

    Dissapointing you have not bought over a decent quicky this time round,(I know Lee is injured) I think the bowling of both sides ,is not up to test match standards, and the Aussies have the edge on batting, roll on the 2nd test match at Lords Thursday :wink: PS is Peter Siddle on something!!!!!!! the droid man???
  4. Re: Cardiff Test

    Harmison is a good county player but not test class, just hope Flintoff is fit.
  5. Re: Cardiff Test

    He can take wickets at important times though, Broad won't this series.
  6. Re: Cardiff Test

    They F'in cheated, bringing out the 12th man twice to waste time, no wonder Pontin was pissed.
  7. Re: Cardiff Test

    England cheat? 8O

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