The ASBO Factor.

They all look like the product of some vile medical experiments,
and have the combined i.q. of a month old dog turd. They all have
that certain "something".

The ASBO Factor.

Just a few of the many genetically challenged drooling lunatics that have
The ASBO Factor. Any in your area? I would post some up from Plymouth,
(Devonport, Stonehouse, North Prospect etc), but that would mean posting
links to images of half of the entire population of Plymouth. Who's got the
ugliest one????

One from Plymouth. (Note the wandering eye.....................???)
The stumpy one makes me laff, put him in a circus while pissed. The quote from a neighbour is a bit deluded though.

"Another woman said living near him was a "total nightmare" and added: "I just hope this calms him down ... I'm sure he is intelligent enough to turn his life around."

Oh really 8O
Banned from attacking people, banned from carrying a knife in a public place!
I thought those were illegal activities anyway, silly me. :roll:
Time to up the 'chlorine' in the gene pool IMO. :twisted:
Young skinhead chav walks around York winter and summer with shirt off showing his 'Thug Life' ink on his belly, notice recently that his hair is number 3 and he is covered up, must have been clotheslined.
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