The Art of Repartee

Discussion in 'Blue Jokes' started by Bunter, Dec 2, 2012.

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  1. Bloke goes into the library and asks for a book about the art of repartee. It's lunchtime and the trainee librarian is at the desk and hasn't got a clue about what the art of repartee is.
    "Well," says the bloke, "repartee is the skill of the quick come back, the witty remark." Blank stupidity remains on the assistant's face.
    "I'll give you an example," says the bloke. "My brother in law, he's got the art of repartee. We all went to the circus and got front row seats. So when the clowns came on we were right in the firing line. One clown was working the audience and taking the piss out of people. He came up to my bother in law and said: 'Tell me sir, are you the back end of an ass?'
    My brother in law, guardedly, says 'no'. The clown goes on: 'Are you, sir, the front end of an ass?'
    My bother in law says: 'no' again.
    'Then sir,' says the clown, 'you are no end of an ass!" To which my brother in law, as quick as a flash said:
    'Why don't you fuck off?'"
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  2. No he didn't.

    He said - 'Fuck off, you red-nosed cunt.'
  3. And it isn't repartee - it's WITTY repartee!
  4. MUCH better! Thank you.
  5. If you can say "red-nosed cunt" why can't you say bl*ck-nosed cunt? Or can you?
  6. Of course you can. Why not? Not looking for something to be outraged about are we?
  7. I say yes, but the anti-fascists will ensure that their rule of no will be enforced ..
  8. Erm, being anti-fascist is a bad thing?
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  9. I can. Oddly enough though, clowns don't generally wear false black noses. Not even black clowns. or any other variety of skin-toned clowns. But just to show I can - black-nosed cunt.
  10. For brother in law read Eli J Witney.
  11. Got me with that one Stirling?????!!!!!
  12. Eli J Witney master of quick wit and repartee.

    Twas a joke to really piss off your oppos, punch line was the same 'Fuck off' but you could drag the joke out for as long as you wanted, bloke goes to circus 3 nights on the trot blah blah, takes Eli along for final night to fuck off clowns.
  13. Oh! Not really worth the effort Stirling, was it?
  14. I give up.

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