The Art of Cropping for MySpace.

As an oldbie , as in OB . I would like to know the right S/W or programme to do such clever cropping . Every time I try I come a cropper Also how to get a piccy in the Forums , the one I have , several in fact , are quite funny and clever. The pic in question is very clever btw
Corel Paint Shop Pro 'X' works for me, or Adobe PhotoShop CS.
Both excellent image manipulation packages, and you can get the hang of 'em fairly quickly. :thumright:
If you can crop it - refine it- slim it down - airbrush it -
give it a Med suntan and make it look like Britains Next Top Model
there's a job waiting for you at the Photo Editors desk of "Hello" Magazine. :thanks:
SS-super-stoker said:
Along the same kind of lines:

Like drinking fifteen pints in four minutes!
What can I say , that is just amazing ,and who said the camera doesn't lie . High didlee dee it's Photo Shop for me , absolutely fantastic . TYVM SS fun and games ahead within ethical guidelines of course . Yes , to see it all happen before my very eyes WOW,

:thumright: :thumright: :thumright:

Having just got out of the 'mick I only had a quick look at this but with an all round sweep even more info , thank you all chaps but I will leave the mammoth task to the experts . That poor bloody woman although after seeing what can be done is it for real or ha IT been got at anyway thanks again I'll be off to get the magic wand ff*****g ripper ,

:thumright: :thumright:
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