The Armed Forces

Should we not be seeking a new name for the RN RAF and the Army. Referring to them as our Armed Forces seems somewhat disingenuous.
They appear to be a mix of liberal luvvies and graduates with no job who sought out the military as a last resort with the MOD too glad to enrol them to keep the numbers up.
Perhaps we should recruit our armed forces from afar. My few months with Fijian navy lower deckers made me think we could do with more of them on our lower decks-- perhaps aft as well.


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The Canuks went down the 'Armed Forces' route and ended up back with a Navy, Army and Air Force.
It's this generations time so I'm good with it evolving the way they want it. End of the day, Jack will be Jack, Percy will always live in holes in the ground and the RAF will wear pink underwear!!!
As for the Fijians, worked with them when in Mod, (Army). Good lads but not easy to control. Thinking about it - probably good on a run ashore!!!


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The Fijians I served with were the nicest, most placid easy going people on the planet...until you threw a rugby ball at them!!!


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If I recall correctly, the Army rugby team at the RN vs Army game at Twickers, the Army team was nearly all Fijians!!!!

Guess who lost!!!!!

(It wasn't the Army)


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Here’s the Army at Twickers, good craic them Fijians, 2 of them had never seen a ginger before and didn’t know whether to courtesy or bow or take the knee.....


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