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Armed Forces personnel are entitled to a number of allowances, discounts and benefits over and above their pay.

A new, internet-based "Armed Forces’ Benefits Calculator" was launched on 1 April 2008. It aims to:

- Give personnel a better understanding of their total remuneration package (including non-financial benefits)
- Provide more information to potential recruits
- Provide ready access to news and information on: defence discounts; pay and allowances; finances and financial products, and related matters

1. The Armed Forces’ Benefits Calculator is a new initiative which builds on the success of the Pension Calculator to provide Service personnel to work out their total remuneration package, incorporating basic pay, specialist pay, individual allowances, pension, and other benefits.

2. An Armed Forces’ Benefits Calculator has been developed to better communicate to Service personnel the value of their 'total benefits' package and other associated financial remuneration information. Using the Calculator personnel will, for the first time, be able to find out what their total package should be, as well as information on other MoD-provided benefits, such as medical/dental care and physical education opportunities.

3. In addition the Calculator will provide easy access to information on a variety of related topics, such as:

a. Defence discounts – principally through the Defence Discount Scheme;

b. Financial information, including access to the Financial Service Authority’s (FSA) 'MoneyMadeClear' website, as part of the MOD’s ongoing collaboration with the FSA to deliver their financial training to the Armed Forces;

c. Easy and direct access to third party commercial sites offering financial products, some of which will be aimed specifically at members of the Armed Forces;

d. News/information on pay and allowances matters.

4. Locating the Calculator on the internet will ensure that the tool is available to the majority of Service personnel – both in the workplace and at home – and also to potential recruits keen to investigate the type of benefits package should they decide to join. The Calculator can be accessed through RNcom; FLEETWEB; Armynet; RAF Portal Website; RAFCOM; AirSpace; A1 Branch Website; the Royal Navy, British Army, and Royal Air Force Websites; and single Service recruiting websites.

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