The Aircrew Association Needs You!

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by ACA_Secretary, Feb 7, 2008.

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  1. Dear All,

    Did you fly the a Swordfish or a SHAR? Did you survive an encounter with a large chopper?

    Do you miss the wardroom? Has your partner/wife/girl or boy friend banned all pictures of anything with wings from the house?

    Please read on......

    The Aircrew Association (ACA) exists to foster comradeship amongst those who having been awarded an official flying badge, have qualified to operate military aircraft and are serving or have served as military aircrew in the armed services of those nations allied to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. The Aircrew Association provides the structure, facilities and conditions whereby members can promote comradeship and enjoy social, intellectual and sporting activities. Members keep in touch through Branch Meetings, through the Association quarterly magazine INTERCOM and via the website at

    At present we have approximately 6,000 members ranging from WW2 Veterans to currently serving aircrew. We can provide a range of services from social to Welfare through the AirCrew Association Charitable Fund, and have an extensive database of our members to help you get in touch with your old mates. At the very least you can spin a yarn about aircraft and have a beer without having to type anything! We particularly look to the senior service for new recruits, because the crabs are having it all their own way at the moment.

    There is a network of branches nationwide, so chances are there will be one near you. A complete list of branches is on the website, along with an e-mail contact for each branch.

    If you have any other questions, please PM me or email me at: secretary @

    Mods - thanks very much!
  2. Don't think they need me, I'm a submariner., misleading title, should have been Wafoo association needs Wafoos.
  3. It's an extremely select wafoo association Maxi. Must be 99% officer only (not many rating pilots left now).
    Wonder what these pilot types talk about when they are all together, I mean it isn't as if they can try and impress the others by saying "I'm a pilot".
  4. At the time couldn't be bothered qualifying Wafoo, still can't for some reason, nothing personal you understand.
  5. Maybe the sit around comparing the size of their watches.....
  6. Sorry. Posted by a crab. I got all excited when I saw social, and I didn't scroll down far enough.

    I've now put it in the right spot, so to speak.

    You can all point and laugh now.

    .....chuffing submariners and their sneaking about......why don't you just sit sail awash so we can find you easier.........
  7. Now where would the fun be in that, fire one green grenade from the for'd SSE.
  8. You'd be (or maybe not) surprised how true that statement actually is ..... (clearly only amongst the pilots of course - observers are far more intellectual :afro: lol)
  9. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    ACA sec,
    I have made this a sticky at the top of the forum, enjoy!

    For all you fly boys here is the Link: AIRCREW ASSOCIATION
  10. Chief,

    TVM. :thumright:

    Banter taken in exchange for requests for application forms......
  11. notice all wasp/pilots and aircrew are holding a re union at VL could go myself being aircrew but wont/ what happened to the invite for the maintainers ? bet the SMR s are narked!! :thumbdown: :shakefist:
  12. can i come - i landed an FA2 at Exeter airport in the stimulator at VL. And i had STABS off.

    easy fricking peasy
  13. i can award you WINGS for that exercise shag and you can go to the ball at VL cinders :angel12:
  14. tally ho then - hi ho silver and up she flys

    now then all i need is the ego inflator, the avaitor shades and a dumb chick to impress
  15. Should have gone to school shag- imagine what you could have achieved :mrgreen:
  16. went to a farewell Buccaneer day at RAF Lossiemouth/HMS Fulmar some years ago every man jack and dog was invited to attened it was a brill weekend meet everyone on the line before the flying display aircrew old and new and the maintaners old and new /bar open/ then at night officers to the wardroom/ lads to the Fulmar club /everyone happy / dead easy dont you agree/mind you it was organised by the crabs /they came up in my estimations after that/ wafoo /forever :thumright: :number1: :angel12:
  17. i know, i know - now all i get to do all day is hang of the coat tails of steely eyed noise makers all day.
  18. As Rating Aircrew are we welcome or is it just for Officer Aircrew
  19. No but its a bit clicky :thumright:
  20. If you havent got a "Brietling" "Sports Car" Huge Ego" or say "Sweet Work and Peachy" at lot, and want a cliquey club, here it is.

    They even organise a function every years "Booze for Woo's" I feel.

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