The AirCrew Association needs you!

Dear All,

Did you fly the a Swordfish or a SHAR? Did you survive an encounter with a large chopper?

Do you miss the wardroom? Has your partner/wife/girl or boy friend banned all pictures of anything with wings from the house?

Please read on......

The Aircrew Association (ACA) exists to foster comradeship amongst those who having been awarded an official flying badge, have qualified to operate military aircraft and are serving or have served as military aircrew in the armed services of those nations allied to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. The Aircrew Association provides the structure, facilities and conditions whereby members can promote comradeship and enjoy social, intellectual and sporting activities. Members keep in touch through Branch Meetings, through the Association quarterly magazine INTERCOM and via the website at

At present we have approximately 6,000 members ranging from WW2 Veterans to currently serving aircrew. We can provide a range of services from social to Welfare through the AirCrew Association Charitable Fund, and have an extensive database of our members to help you get in touch with your old mates. At the very least you can spin a yarn about aircraft and have a beer without having to type anything! We particularly look to the senior service for new recruits, because the crabs are having it all their own way at the moment.

There is a network of branches nationwide, so chances are there will be one near you. A complete list of branches is on the website, along with an e-mail contact for each branch.

If you have any other questions, please PM me or email me at: [email protected].

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