The Air Farce shoot themselves in the foot again!


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Lingyai said:
You know the times when you get angry at work or in traffic and you think to yourself how easy it would be to just kill the person who is annoying you, one swift punch in the throat and it's all over. But we don't because we know it is not right. Queers know it is wrong to do the two headed goat with other men, but some malfunction in their right and wrong mechanism means that they do it anyway.

I'm sorry to say it but that is a poor example. You don't punch or kill someone because they happen to be annoying you because you know it is wrong. You know it is wrong in your concious thoughts because you have been taught it as a boy.

To then state that "Queers know it is wrong to do the two headed goat with other men" implies that they conciously know and think that homosexuality is wrong, which is open to an inconclusive debate.

I argue that heterosexuals are attracted to a member of the opposite gender because they are sub-conciously heterosexual, and on the basis that homosexual is not the norm (according to the said heterosexual), then the heterosexual is also homophobic.

Hence, I also can turn this around and argue that the homosexuals are attracted to members of the same gender because they are sub-conciously homosexual, and on the basis again that homosexuality is now considered in the mind to be the norm, I claim that homosexuals are heterophobic.

To conclude, homosexuals do not 'know' that it is wrong, because in their mind is right.


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Freudian psychology and psychoanalysis is a load of rubbish. Unscientific, no evidence for it, the work of a cocaine deluded neurotic.

Anyway, that's my bit said!
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