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The Air Farce shoot themselves in the foot again!

well knock me down with a feather. why is it all the mincers are in the RAF. anyone come across the he/she merlin pilot yet? not my cup of tea
I can't believe he skives off work for a couple of years, earns loads of money in that time, and then gets out with a medical pension!

Mind you, I appreciate that transvestitism (sp?) is their "thing", but they still all look like blokes in frocks. If they were in Georgetown, Penang . . . . well that's different!
Medical discharge my arse, what a disgusting excuse for a man, I hope his parents aren't around to see this. Filthy tranny poof, his comrades are being killed overseas and he's prancing around like friggin danny la rue.
I blame tv as well (television, not transvestites), it started with la rue , then you get the likes of julian queerly and lily savage, then the out and out queers like that little foul mouthed little bender who was always on channel 4 (name escapes me). The kids grow up seeing this filth and think it is acceptable. What we need is discipline, medicine balls, circuit training, marching and cowboys and indians.
Stop this homo madness now !!! The first time your kid tries to dress up in mummies clothes, make it his last, training from an early age may stem the tide of deviency.
Junglie said:
Now get off that fence Lingyai
:oops: Sorry, must have stepped into that zone again.....
Someone starts talking about moral decay and I just wake up in a pair of torn shorts in the middle of nowhere.
Damn that overdose of gamma radiation.
You will have to excuse my ranting until I can find a way to control this raging spirit that dwells within me......
I think it unfair to blame Ling for his recent outburst of homophobia. The blame actually rests on the shoulders of such people as this Flight Lieutenant, who has abused the system in place to help him. But it is not only one person, there are those characters who persistently ram their sexuality down our throats, and hence present a negative image of homosexuality. But to voice any concern about the growing percentage of homosexuals is construed is homophobic, this issue is not addressed, when really the issue is not the percentage of the population who bat for the other side, but the percentage of the population who are arrogant.

This is the same with the case of racism. There is in Great Britain, a growing racist sentiment against Islam. But is this really a great surprise when one considers that the Al-Queda terrorists are muslims fighting a holy jihad? Then the very real possibility that Islamic laws may now be enforced in pre-dominant muslim areas in Great Britain un-nerves and worries us. Muslims therefore become victimised and discriminated against by the Christian majority, which suits Al-Queda's recruitment perfectly, because it provides a base of hateful, resentful and angry muslims.

I put it to you all that we all are sub-conciously homophobic, because it is different to what we ourselves would consider the norm, and I also ask it is therefore wrong to assume, that the actions of homosexuals portrayed in the daily press and the public media do add to that sub-concious homophobia which will boils and bubbles pent-up in the recesses of our minds, which will like a volcano explode in a furious and vociferous eruption of anger and hatred?

And then! And then, the person at fault is not the homosexuals who have been raising the temperature of our magma, but indeed the very individual who could no longer hold back against the pressure beating within, and who is now denounced as a homophobe, a word that can possibly be as discriminative enough as queer.

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