The actual 'selection' part?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by 306dturbo, Apr 27, 2015.

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  1. Just been wondering

    Say a candidate passes all parts of the recruitment process, good time on the fitness test, security clearance passed etc. Where is it decided if they will be given a place at HMS raleigh?

    Would being TMU'd at first hinder my chances of being selected at the end?

    Maybe I am worrying too much, too far in advance but I am just concerned that is all. So far I am waiting for my GP to send the scans and letters off so I can go do the fitness test

  2. For me it was after my PJFT that they bid for my place. Got given a date four days after that. I was TMU for quite a while due to a fractured arm/asthma when I was a young kid. As far as I'm aware these had no effect on the rest of the process other than delaying me being declared medically fit.
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  3. Thanks rhun :)

    When you say 'they bid', who would 'they' be? And is there anything I could do myself to increase my chances other than giving it my all in my PJFT as that's all I have left to do pending being given the medical clearance?
  4. By they I mean my careers officers. I do believe that the PJFT is simply a tick in the box for a pass. I don't think it weighs up the time though I could be wrong here. The CPO told me a 'pass is a pass' when I asked a similar question.
    It's a case of waiting for them to call you when they have news for you once everything is done on your end.

    What is your branch choice? Have you been told the waiting time?
  5. Ahh right thanks again, yeah regarding the PJFT the CPO at the AFCO advised me to get it as close to or under 10 mins as possible, whether that was meant for selection or to make my life easier at Raleigh I wasn't sure.

    My branch choice is ET(MESM), was told 4-6 months waiting time though that's unlikely I think given the TMU
  6. I would imagine that he said that for Raleigh purposes and to just generally encourage you to better yourself. My branch choice is also ET (MESM). I passed my PJFT on 15/04 and got my join date on 21/04 for 21/06 It's a shortage branch so you could be looking at a similar timeframe to me if you get your medical etc sorted.
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  7. My TMU is for a fractured wrist 5 years ago, roughly how long did it take for you to get your medical sorted out? Obviously it might not and probably won't be the same but just to get a rough idea, I'll be pestering the doctors anyway to get whatever the medical people (Capita?) request sent off.

    Good luck with your training :)
  8. I don't remember the exact time. I think it was around 5 months for my whole medical. But I did have to go back twice after the initial full medical.

    Thanks bud, had my Raleigh briefing today. It's all feeling very real now. Can't wait!

    Good luck, hope they don't keep you waiting too long.
  9. Your joining date is 6 days after your PJFT?! No PRNC?
  10. No, I received my joining date five days after my pjft. My prnc is in May and my join date is in June.
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  11. Still join before myself. I passed my PJFT on the 19th Feb and have PRNC Monday coming and start on 5th July. I'm doing ETME surface however.
  12. I'm also going for ET (MESM), got my medical on the 9/05 already been to my docs and got a letter regarding breaking my ankle when I was younger. Just don't wanna get TMU'd. At my interview I was told I could be in by sept fingers crossed!!
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  13. Looking back I should have done the same :( Fail to prepare and all that... Best of luck, I was told at my interview in Feb it would either be June (certainly not going to happen now) or September so does look a short timeframe!

    Regarding the letter from your doctor, I'm curious because I never went to the doctors over my wrist only the hospital. Do they automatically forward details of the break/fracture to your local doctors? As I've never been to my GP since as long as I can remember
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  14. Yea, when I went to the doctors he had all the info from the hospital on his screen cost me a £10 for the letter but well worth it if it saves me months of waiting. Good luck with your application
  15. gem

    gem Midshipman

    I recently had my psychometric test and did very well apparently and I was told to think about going into engineering rather than mine warfare specialist, would weapons engineer be a better option? I didn't think I had the choice to go into engineering originally

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  16. Just passed my medical! Get in!!! I took my letter from my GP regarding breaking my ankle years ago and it's saved me weeks/months of back and forth between capita and my doctors. If I could give any advice et your letter before you go it'll only save you ball ache further down the line!!
    Time to celebrate then carry on preparing for my PJFT.
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  17. Congratulations :) I really should have taken the letter in the first place, definetely saved yourself some time there!

    Turns out my uncles mate is practice manager at my doctors, had it fast tracked for me so hopefully that will cut a bit of time off but no idea how much

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