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I have cut and Pasted the following from SAMA82. It is a very worthwhile project and does not apply to just "Soldiers", but, all members of the Armed Forces and I think should be run in conjunction with the "Broken Covenant" crusade by the RBL.

The artist James Napier who made the sculpture of The Abandoned Soldier is asking for people to vote on a photo of the sculpture to use as a logo and design for pins, badges etc.

Below is a message from the homepage:

The response to the BBC 2 documentary “The Battle of Trafalgar Square†which was part of The Power to the People series investigating the support soldiers receive returning from conflict has been very encouraging. There has been a lot of interest in the sculpture of The Abandoned Soldier becoming the figurehead and symbol for soldiers and veterans living with the consequences of war. There are three variations of The Abandoned Soldier below to choose from. We feel the emotion of The Abandoned Soldier changes depending on the angle of the sculpture, so we want to know which image you feel gives the most accurate portrayal. Once the vote has been cast by September 23rd we will commence production of badges and cufflinks, these will raise money for the Abandoned Soldier fund and Combat Stress, enabling us erect a permanent bronze copy of the sculpture in a prominent location for the public to show their gratitude and respect. Please return to this site to for further announcements and launch dates for badges etc.

Click on the this link to go to the website:
Abandoned Soldier Logo

A link to the petition for a permanent home for the sculpture is here:
Abandoned Soldier Petition

Please vote as this means funds for Combat Stress. Please pass on the info and links.
Thanks for the info F.F.
I have signed the petition and I also bought a resin copy of the statue after the airing of the programme, I must say it was worth the money and many people have commented on it when they have seen it. Let's get a permanent version erected somewhere prominent.
Petition Signed. Lets hope this bears fruit and this worthy charity can get help for our comrades who need it. It will certainly be getting added to my donation list.

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