the 64,000 dollar barbie


Lantern Swinger
Jolly Jack is on the old WIGS deployment and alongside in the states. He does the dutiful thing and goes and gets gizzits for his loved ones. He has all his gifts except for his daughter who loves Barbie dolls.
being in the states he thinks I will get the best one ever here. He pops down to the local Toys R Us and to his suprise there are ailses of Barbie dolls.
He starts looking, ice skating barbie $19.99, horse riding barbie $19.99, rock barbie $19.99, skiing barbie (yeah you guessed) $19.99. Infact they were all $19.99. Then he comes accross divorced barbie $64,000 !!! He checks and checks again, Yeah its $64,000.
He seeks out a staff member and enquires about the barbies, well skating barbie comes with helmet pads and skates, riding barbie comes with horse helmet and crop, rock barbie comes with guitar and a change of outfit and so it goes, divorced barbie comes with Kens house, Kens car, Kens bank account etc......