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Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by josiecats, Oct 11, 2007.

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  1. ok guys,, saw it recently,,, was more impressed than i exspected to be..
    altho i got a lot more out of the second disc.. which had a lot of the behind the story facts,,, which was most interesting,,, a lot of hard work went into the filming and preperation of the actors...
    so see it,.. see what you think....
  2. 300 is awesome IMO although some people think it was boring or they thought the combat scenes were good but too much.

    I loved the way it was made. It's a good film with some fun quotes in it. And when the actor who plays the greek king of the Spartans scottish accent comes out and sounds like Sean Connery is funny too.
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Hiya JC

    What was the plot of the 300? I've not heard about that one.

    I watched the "Sunshine" SF movie acouple of weeks ago about the spaceship on the way to our dying sun 50 years from now on a mission to re-ignite our dying sun, 50 years from now. It seemed to have good reviews although it didn't really impress & somehow left you feeling rather depressed & unfulfilled at the end of it.
  4. 300 was about the greek story of 300 Spartans taking on stupid amount of Persians

    Basically like a greek version of Zulu
  5. oooo so much more than that..

    taken from a real event... the battle of "Thermopylea" around 2555 BC.
    altho it has the odd bit of hollywood glamour they have stayed with the bounds of the book.. which it self was taken from the first written accounts of this battle....
    there have been many films about spartans but for me this gave a more realistic look to the actual fighting that took place... war back then was far more gory and violent.. than todays.. (please remeber i have never been to war so my opinon is based only on what i see NOT what i have lived through) but then thats just my thoughts...

    And yes back then if you had never seen such animals as Elephants than the would be so called monsters...
    see the film enjoy it for what it is.... a story taken from a story of an event that none of us saw...........
  6. "Go tell the Spartans, oh stranger passing by That here, obedient to their laws we lie."

    Steven Pressfield's novel 'Gates of Fire' is a good read and a good introduction to the Battle of Thermopylae and the historical events leading up to it as well as giving a good understanding of the code by which the Spartans lived.
  7. worse ever space film i saw was "solaris".... absolutly shite..... but watched it all the way to the end hoping it would improve,,, never did just got shockingly worse............
  8. I saw it, after pressure from my boys - must admit, I then watched it twice as it's a good story, good characters and actually a very good film. It did make me want to get down the gymn though and do some sit ups (anyone who saw it will know what I mean) but then reality set in and I had a cup of t and a biscuit....
  9. I know it was so much more I was comparing it against another historical event.

    Except the Welsh aren't in it this time lol
  10. awww sorry lovie..... did not mean to come across as rude... :glomp:

    and dunnytime i thout the same but hubs told me to get lost... oh well i can dream........... :twisted:
  11. It's ok you weren't rude lol Well never took it that way

    Just explaining my self lol
  12. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I wish I had known that last week! I sat and watched it all the way through in the hope something would happen, it didn't.
  13. bet you like me was left sitting there wondering what you had just watched and why you were mug enough to sit through it all,,,,,lol
  14. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Well it kept me awake but for all the wrong reasons, if just one thing worthy of discussion had happened I would have been chuffed. I just sat watching the credits open mouthed, how did they ever sell it to anyone............................................ other than Sky obviously.
  15. becuase it had goerge balony clonney in it,,,,, thats why,, do you know hes a sex god...... lol
  16. Its all based on an even more dire film from 1972, "Solyaris", from a dreary novel. SPACE!!! (Yawn). To borrow a line from Rich Hall "My f***ing chair fell asleep"
  17. Wot he said.

    The battle of Thermopylae
    apologies to historians (and pedants) but the Wiki version is easy to understand for the casual reader and gives an idea of the real scope of the event. I think Tony Robinson did a pretty good ep of Time team (or the other show) where they went on site to give you a picture of the battle and the archaeology supporting our view of it.

    That all said, the film "300" is based on the Frank Miller graphic novel (thats comics to us) that gives a fictionalised treatment of the events of the battle. I think he tries to incorporate the storylike nature of the greek mythology, and owes a fair bit to lord of the rings etc. The film itself captures the look of the comics, while retaining some vital historical elements and some of the key quotes to make it tick, and they try to give you an idea of the spartan tactics and use of weapons and how they fought.

    Simonides epigram to which Harry refers, was written in Ancient greek so has been translated several different ways (the wiki shows most of the common ones
    and I think that illustrates whats so great about this battle, that we are still talking about it and with re-telling and art and culture its become blurred and more than the sum of its parts. Just look at all the modern military units still bearing names and mottos from these events (Greek and Persian- eg Iraninan)

    Crucially though, even if you don't know anything about the history, Frank Miller, Sin City etc, I think you would still enjoy the film, and I cant really say that for "Troy" or "Alexander" for example.
  18. cool,,,, wot he said toooo......
  19. great movie, beautifully filmed and full of superb one liners, my favourite is the scene where the queen kills the traiter using the same line he used when he raped her earlier in the film, "This will not be over quickly. You will not enjoy this. I am not your King. " classic !

    just watched shooter, really enjoyed it, where would we be without them yanks ?
  20. At the risk of being called a pedantic bastard, it was not just the Spartans who sayed to hold off the Persians. The Thespians also sayed behind and were duly dished up. Popular history seems to have forgotten about them.

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