The 2018 thread of Resolutions

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BillyNoMates, Dec 27, 2017.

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  1. Time to make a 2018 New Year


    I gave up the fags in June 2017, so that one's out the window. I therefore resolve to get my saggy cadaver into a more reasonable shape before Summer 2018 and not to block out the sun on my next beachin' holiday. I will also be setting aside more time for WolfPackLeader and vow to be a better husband than
    her last one, providing she understands she must be a better WolfPackLeader than my last one. I am
    going to finish ALL the DIY tasks before the end of the New Year and promise never to have a wee
    with the toilet seat down ever again.
    Finally, I shall be writing a brand new No.1 best selling book about a Top Secret elite military unit
    that nobody has ever written anything about until now.
    The S.T.C.
    2018 is going to be mad.

  2. My resolution is not to make any resolutions....success guaranteed....simples init?
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  3. @BillyNoMates setting your self up to fail if you think you do a deal with wolf pack leader that will benefit you, good luck with you book:p
  4. I am with @superpom set my expectations very low, so any failures' will not even be noticed
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  5. Time to get on top of my appalling diet.

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  6. But if you've made a resolution to not make resolutions, you have already failed as you've made a resolution.......

    A bit like saying "Everything that I say is a lie"..............
  7. Funny, but you really need to get out more. May I suggest you resolve to do so.....;)
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  8. But I thought you were rejoining? :D
  9. Read more books and spend less time on my phone.
  10. Um difficult one that, less time on phone OK?
  11. I won't bite haha

    I'm fit enough, I just eat a lot of junk tbh!

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  12. If I'm using to do some productive it's ok but the amount of times I get it out to check social media is ridiculous! It's obviously become a habit because I'll do it without even thinking...
  13. Good idea...... but I was going out to get some Resolve anyway.
  14. what stain remover:D
  15. Oh. I wondered why it never seemed any good at getting rid of headaches.
  16. depends if you throw your red knickers in with your wife's whites, can save a major headache :rolleyes:
  17. To do so would cause severe ear-ache.
  18. Turn the hearing aids down:)
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  19. Eat less, drink less,Exercise more, OH F**k it, carry on as before, be happy pissed and fat.
  20. Weeeell. I kinda guess in all the excitement of this thread that I sorta missed one point. How come you know about ma wife's underwear?

    Think carefully before you reply, because I might have an interesting proposal for you.
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