The 2017 Chrimbo thread


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As the Christmas cards have now been on sale for weeks, carols are blaring out in the shops and houses are covered in lights - it seems time to begin a thread for Christmas funnies.

This one especially for bomber rates.......



War Hero
yep that's the 12 days a year Mrs S stops spending on Christmas.
Apparently I have brought her some really nice prezzy's just need to find out what they are so I can wrap them, I think i heard he say she was getting the Bose some headphones to help reduce noise?


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Ha ha - I know it is still November, but I SO wanted to start the thread that I just couldn't wait (and risk being usurped!) until Thursday/Friday!

It is still VERY November in our house and will not be Christmas until, well, nearer Christmas.

But that doesn't stop us sending funnies....... And in the November spirit...

xmas november.jpg


Lantern Swinger
BODFOC = body off Baywatch, face off crimewatch, always amused me but so did drinking in Jesters, easy to please


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:(Mrs S has spent all year, wasting money on things people don’t really need in the name of Christmas, now all of a sudden; it has become our job to wrap it all up?:(
I hate sodding wrapping

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