The 2017 Chrimbo thread

As the Christmas cards have now been on sale for weeks, carols are blaring out in the shops and houses are covered in lights - it seems time to begin a thread for Christmas funnies.

This one especially for bomber rates.......

yep that's the 12 days a year Mrs S stops spending on Christmas.
Apparently I have brought her some really nice prezzy's just need to find out what they are so I can wrap them, I think i heard he say she was getting the Bose some headphones to help reduce noise?
Ha ha - I know it is still November, but I SO wanted to start the thread that I just couldn't wait (and risk being usurped!) until Thursday/Friday!

It is still VERY November in our house and will not be Christmas until, well, nearer Christmas.

But that doesn't stop us sending funnies....... And in the November spirit...

xmas november.jpg
:(Mrs S has spent all year, wasting money on things people don’t really need in the name of Christmas, now all of a sudden; it has become our job to wrap it all up?:(
I hate sodding wrapping