The 2.5km Run & Medical question

Ive been doing a lot of research into joining the RN.

the C(IS) Career choice is the most promising at the moment, i understand i have to pass all medical and basic fitness training.

In a couple of months i wont have had any medication for asthma for around 4 years. But i will have had a 2 courses of antibiotics in the past year for chest infections. Not sure if these will count.

Anyways my main question is the 2.5km run, i have found a lot of posts about it and people running it in 8minutes, or 10 minutes etc. But what is the limit.

What do i have to run it under: Age 21, male


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Heya Pantho! The current time for completing the RNFT for under 25's is 11m 13sec.

I wouldn't worry too much about what other people are getting on the test, a lad I was at Raleigh with consistantly got under 8 minutes while I myself fluctuate between 9.30 and 10 minutes.

Best of luck to you mate, I have a few friends who are CiS and the majority of them seem to enjoy it!


Wouldn't worry about the antibiotics for chest infections. And if your asthma didn't play up when you had the infections (ie you didn't have to start using your inhalers again and/or your GP gave you a short course of steroids) then that won't be a problem either.
12.20 is the time you need to achieve at your pre joining fitness test. You will need to get that down to 11.13 by the end of your 9 weeks at Raleigh.

Your potential medical problems shouldn't be a problem, but be careful about mentioning too much to the Doctor. What they don't know, they don't need to know. If you know what I mean.

Hope it all goes well

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They will not contact your Doctor unless you give them reason too. Even then they will only ask and get answers to particular questions. Therefore the less you tell them the less they will dig around looking for stuff.

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No problems re finger.

If you do not disclose everything to the examining medical officer and you get found out then you will be discharged for making a fraudulent application. In addition, if any conditions you have not disclosed become obvious in the first 56 days of service then you will be discharged. It will not look good on your CV.

Doctors are not as stupid as some people seem to think we are. You will sign a form which gives the examining MO permission to consult your own GP if s/he finds it necessary. Now you don't have to sign this, but if you don't then it will look like you're hiding something.

Your medical problem doesn't sound that severe and shouldn't cause a problem. If you don't declare it then it may be assumed to be more severe than it actually was.

Bottom line - don't lie. We will find out, and you will be the one to suffer.
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