That's the last jewel in the crown gone then.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Sep 10, 2010.

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  1. The government plans to completely sell off Royal Mail, for me means only one thing, a poorer service for the customer. I do wonder why the lib Dems have changed their minds as their preference was to sell 49% of the business, not the lot. You can bet your bottom dollar that Johnny foreigner companies such as TNT will be looking to pick off the profitable bits. The days will be gone when you can send a letter from London to Aberdeen for 30p.

    Full Story Here:
  2. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    What shall we do, build pigeon dookits on every street?

  3. Makes sence you can receive your mail,then eat the messenger :roll:
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Letters, how quaint. Isn't that how e-mails were sent a long, long time ago?

    Apart from a "bluey" or a Crimbo/Post card when was the last time someone sat down and wrote a letter?
  5. Royal Mail, no loss. Letters are old hat and as for parcels, there is so much choice of courier now no one will miss that side of things.

    For me, Royal Mail, RIP. You were good once.
  6. Have used ecards at crimbo for years. look at a good lefty site like foe or greenpeace at crimbo for a selection of seasonal phots you can send to your contacts for free. (once a tightwad WE :wink: )
  7. Since you ask yesterday, 2 pages of A4 from Twatt to Darlington for 30p.

    StixJimboRM, why would you have to be a New Labour supporter for wanting Royal Mail to remain in public ownership?
  8. The royal mail shoild be where it is .The same fate is awaiting royal mail as the gas electric water generating and what is left of the coal industries
  9. I will side with Fink if he helps me kill my present postman, who is a "just this side of Offas dyke Englishman" who should really be welsh, and is the local Nazi candidate come elections.
    Back to the debate, I receive high volume mail at my abode due to various circumstances. (Postal business) run by family member.
    The letters that arrive via Royal Mail always arrive promptly and I truthfully have no criticism of them as regards my experiences.

    TNT on the other hand,.......usual 5 day period as they collect sort to area, and then pass all mail to the Royal Mail for delivery. Fuck that for a game of soldiers, I get all sorts of probs with the system. If they were responsible for delivery as well as collection, I'm fcuked if I know what the scenario would be.
  10. If the Royal Mail goes down the privatisation path. You can forget the 6 day Universal Guarantee. TNT and Deutsche Post, wont do that . They already have a 3 and 5 day delivery cycle, in Holland etc, and no Universal Guarantee . Stand by for the cherry picking exercise by them and the employment, of the Illegals and Eastern Europeans on Minimum wage. It will be as safe to post your valuables, as getting into the water with Len Fairclough :roll: :roll: This is what is already happening, by rivals Companys now!!!Royal Mail has rivals who rely on the Royal Mail to deliver their letters for them. Royal Mail does the delivery – but the rivals take the profit. Royal Mail has a universal delivery obligation, but the rivals can pick and choose which of the most profitable bits they take. They do this, but the Royal Mail supplements them at the rate of 2p for every letter it delivers on their behalf.
  11. The post changed for the worse when it stopped the GENERAL POST OFFICE when its workers were checked and it was a seven day a week job .But stil it has made money in its present state ok the pension fund is a mess ,But that wont bother people who want it to go .Will it ????.Email although is the modern way.It cant and wont take over letter post documents legal stuff etc it cant deliver parcels either
  12. Well it does appear from the posts that not everyone is for the sell off and if anyone IMO thinks that the service will improve when the foreigners take over they IMO once again need their heads looked at.

    As for a stick to beat them, if one falls off the tree then a beating is not only expected but it's a civic duty to administer one. I also agree with Scouse, your postie will probably be some foreigner on the minimum wage sucking up our limited resources such as the NHS and schooling.
  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Have you been tearing pages out of your colouring book again Finks? :lol:
  14. :)
  15. So what has brought us to this point with Royal Mail.Firstly a cack-handed management who have sought to impose change rather than negotiate it and a Union(and their leaders) desperate to hang on to practices that have vanished in other areas of business years ago.Plus a Pension Scheme which is hopelessly underfunded.We the taxpayer are expected to pick up the tab for all this mismanagement due to successive governments giving in in the face of strike threats.The ordinary Postie is not to blame but he/she will end up suffering along with the rest of us.
  16. As I understand it and no doubt I will be corrected if wrong, the ‘Blue rinses’ gave the business (Royal Mail) a perpetual holiday from contributing into the pension pot and it now looks like we, the taxpayer will pick up the deficit tab.
  17. The ordinary postie is not to blame, eh?
    I ordered a calender for my daughter's christmas, some pop group. I fully expected a card through the door saying you have to collect it from the sorting office. No, my twat of a postman folded it in half. Totally knackered.
    A number of cards have gone astray, some with money in them. I know the dozy mare who sent them wants her legs slapped, but when the first card went missing with cash in it, she sent the second one with a cheque in it. That went missing, too.
    It's my birthday next week, and I arrived home from work yesterday to be greeted by a card from the post office saying I've got to collect something from the sorting office that was underpaid by 19p. Complete with a £1.00 handling charge.
    It's got to be an oversized card, surely?
    They can have it!

    Paying Polish people minimum wage can't be any worse than the service I'm currently getting, surely?
  18. Finky, 2nd class stamp has been 32p for quite some time, so I very much doubt you sent a letter for 30p,
  19. mikh, being a good Scot I bought 200 prior to the price increase. :)
  20. why am I not surprised :) got to admit I tend to use e-mail rather than Royal nowadays, but when I do have to put pen to paper I am a bit if a spendthrift and buy 1st class

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