thats that done!

well after a lot of hard work i finally lost my weight, passed my medical and PJFT and my AFCO says that i should have a date by march. so all in all.. :w00t:
all i have to do now is keep up with my fitness and start swimming (which i can but im not great at)
i just wanted to say thanks for the useful advice and im also going on a RNAC on the 20th of february and ii was wondering if anyone else is going. im joining as an AET.


War Hero
Excellent news- very well done, top effort.

It's good to see people such as yourself inspire others who may be similarly placed.

Just make sure get regular swims in before you join- it pays dividends.(You also get to have a go at the Swimming Test on RNAC)

Hope you get an early entry date & good luck on RNAC- you'll enjoy it.
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