That's runs ashore in the 'Burg buggered then!!


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Good news for that particular chippy, own goal for 'Health Foods' Mars methinks........

Mars issues warning to fish and chip shop over deep-fried bar | Mail Online

Anyway, it's bollix, as I can remember having deep fried Mars Bars in the 'Burg (being a local :sign11:) well before 1992 when the mentioned chippy in Aberden ffs claim to have invented it.

So, anyone sad or mad about another Scottish * heath food* being attacked
SB corrected for you we Dyslexics have to look after you old codgers

I remember the Faslav chippy run by and WO I think? skimming Pizza into the fryer?

How come you mention health food and Scotland in same sentence?
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The on base chippy at faslavatory was "Soapy's". Actually ate one of his fish suppers sober once, it was fuckin' awful.
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